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PSU activists organize this summer against Coke in support of Coke-Odwalla Boycott.

Organizers with PSU Progressive Student Union this week hand delivered a letter to PSU's $350,000 per year university president, Wim Wievel, who is reportedly liberal and progressive, requesting a meeting to discuss removing Coke-Odwalla products from the Smith Center student store, in support of the int'l Coke Boycott. So far, PSU activists have hosted three speakers from the Colombian food and beverage workers union, SINALTRAINAL, in support of the Coke Boycott. Organizers did meet, in the past, with PSU's last university president, Dan Bernstine, about kicking Coke off campus. Bernstine refused, although he did approve, prior to that, Progressive Student Union's 2 year campaign to remove Taco Bell from the PSU cafeteria in support of the now successful Florida farm worker Taco Bell Boycott for a living wage.

Students have sent Wievel three letters, so far, requesting a meeting to kick Coke off campus. In response to letter #2, Wievel's office asked for more inforamtion. So far, Rutgers, DePaul,
Bryn Mawr, Smith and Univ. of Illinois (Wievel's old school) have kicked Coke off campus, in support of the boycott. Coke's paramilitary death squads against unionization have harassed, intimidated and killed union leaderrs, workers and family members in Colombia. Coke also has been fined, several times, for continuing to operate their $150,000,000 plant in Sudan, in violation of the sanctions movement against the government of that country (and accused war criminal Omar al-Bashir) over Darfur.

Coke is also one of three multinationals (with Budweiser and Miller beers) that have actively lobbied in Congress against a national bottle bill. Oregon, with nine other states, have such recycling legislation, but 40 states do not. Nader and the PIRGs have lobbied Congress for years to pass a national recycling law, but have gotten nowhere.


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