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Lebanon the holy land

The history of Lebanon being a holy and sacred land, where Jesus is born and lived.
2- LEBANON, THE HOLY SACRED LAND Many times throughout its history, Lebanon has been a refuge for persecuted people in the Middle East. The Bible tells us that Ara means people of Lebanon (the land of the Canaanites) received Abraham and gave him a state home when he arrived tired and sick and without shoes. As Father Virgil Gherorgen says in his book, Christ of Lebanon, "Abraham lived there for the remainder of his life." King Solomon called on the ancestors of the Maronites to help hip build his famous Temple. Those men felled and shiiped the holy tree, the Cedar of Lebanon, to build a house for God. More importantly, Lebanon is the birthplace of Joachim and Ann, the parents of the Virgin Mary, who was herself born in Cana of Lebanon. Mary lived in Cana with her parents, and attended the great Mount Carmel Convent School. Her future husband, Joseph, also attended that school. The shrine of the Prophet Joachim, or "Omran", as the Koran calls him, is still there for everyone to see and touch. Joachim is a prophet in both the Muslim and Christian religions. The Lebanese people have special devotion to Mary, Our Lady of Lebanon. The Shrine of Harrisa, standing tall like a cedar of Lebanon, is at the top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and blesses every traveler coming to the country. The icon of Mary was painted by the disciple Luke in Lebanon. When Christians were forbidden to live in the area of Nazareth in Palestine, Mary, the Disciples and their followers came to Lebanon for refuge. Before this event, the Bible tells us Lebanon was a refuge not only to humans, but also to animals. A whale swallowed the Prophet Jonas, kept him in his belly for three days, and spewed him onto the coast of Lebanon in the village of Nabi Younes, which carries his name ('Nabi' means 'prophet'; 'Younes' is 'Jonas'.) An event extremely important to Christians also took place in Lebanon. That event is when Jesus became a man, when He was conceived in His mother's womb. The Annunciation, the announcement to Mary that she was to be the Mother of God, happened in the same place where Mary went to school, Mount Carmel Covent. So the native country of Jesus is really Lebanon. There are many studies that provide information on the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem of Galilee in Lebanon, and NOT Bethlehem of Judea. We will not discuss this subject today, but we know that Jesus grew up in Lebanon in Galilee. John Soueid Copyright? 2005, John Soueid. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Published by courtesy of John Soueid.