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drug war | media criticism

Jackson Saga

The mainstream press uses Jackson to report on prescription drugs and ignores the drug war.
Well here we go again, another famous person will be smeared for the use of drugs, in this case
prescription drugs. Just about everyone uses prescription drugs at one time or another and the
only time they go after the doctors is when it will make headlines in the mainstream media.

It certainly looks like the prosecutors just want their names in the press and the press is only to
happy to oblige. This story will be going on for sometime and a lot of people will be hurt. The
mainstream media will report the story regardless, supposedly, because the people have the right
to know.

It's to bad the mainstream media is afraid to start reporting on the drug war and give it the
attention it deserves. Maybe, just maybe, if the mainstream media would take on the drug war, they
might notice a big change in the ratings, but that's another story.