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Portland Benefits for Arrested Forest Defenders

There are lots of Portland Benefits In the Works!
Destruction of Elliot Forest
Destruction of Elliot Forest
Concerned Citizens Being Extracted from Protest
Concerned Citizens Being Extracted from Protest
Proper Eats
8638 N. Lombard Ave.
THIS SUNDAY! 9am - 9pm

All day THIS SUNDAY, Proper Eats will be donating 10% of all their sales
from the Cafe and store to the forest defenders. Please support businesses
that support local activists! And eat awesome vegan food!

Benefit/Rising Tide Monthly Meeting
Red & Black Cafe
SE 12th & Oak
Wednesday, July 15th, 7p

This next Wednesday will be the regular open Portland Rising Tide meeting
at the Red & Black Cafe. We'll be presenting Western Oregon Plan Revision
and Elliot State Forest management, and showcasing the Free State,
Cascadia Summer, and Home Depot actions.

Second part will be a benefit show with a few local radical favorites.
Please come and donate what you can!

Benefit Show w/ Speakers
Red & Black Cafe
SE 12th & Oak
Saturday, August 1st, 7p

More details coming soon!

Food Fight Grocery
1217 SE Stark
Ongoing Benefit

Food Fight has a donation bucket set up for forest defenders. So when
you're buying your veggie dogs and Schreese, please drop yr change in the

You can always donate online by visiting www.forestdefensenow.org

Many more in the works!
If you play in a band, work at a supportive business that wants to help
out or donate stuff, or you want to help organize some of the benefits,
please let me know.  stephanie@mountainrebel.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefensenow.org

Also! 12.Jul.2009 21:42

Portland Rising Tide brian--at--risingtidenorthamerica--dot--org

The meeting will also feature a presentation from a Portland activist who has been living in Europe working on the massive and growing resistance to the upcoming UN meetings in Copenhagen...and how it relates to the recent forest actions!

-A explanation of and updates on the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and upcoming COP15 (The's UN's 15th "Conference of the Parties" meeting of the countries signed on to UNFCC) in Copenhagen.
-Forest policy and forestry within the UNFCCC (emphasis on REDD and sustainable forest management practices)
-Local forests and forestry practices and how they are impacted/tie into decisions made at the COP15/UNFCCC, and how our practices and outlook towards forests differs from what the COP wants
-Solidarity actions in the NW during COP15 in Copenhagen
-Brief update on the 2010 COP 16 meetings: they will be in Mexico