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9.11 investigation


Call to Action The Time is Now On the Eleventh Day of Every Month We Unite in Action for Truth until Justice
Polls demonstrate that 84% of the American public rejects the official account of what happened on September 11th 2001. Polls in Europe, Canada and the Islamic world have yielded similar results. Numerous prominent officials from around the world have gone on record expressing profound disbelief of the official narrative. Rapidly growing numbers are convinced that members of the Bush administration were not only grossly negligent in the days and months leading up to 9/11 but active participants in the attacks themselves.

We are in the midst of a mass awakening.

homepage: homepage: http://www.truthaction.org/

TRUTH ACTION 12.Jul.2009 14:16


TRUTH ACTION 12.Jul.2009 14:30


about Alex Jones 15.Jul.2009 05:41


Alex represents the propertied class and as a spokesman for this faction, he does expose a great deal of acurate information about the actual mechanics of the overclass and their malicious mischief. They are becoming concerned that their holdings are being threatened and in this respect, they also serve the intrests of the common people's cause for an unfettered/unmanipulated inquiry into this act of terrorism by a secret cabal and their psychopathic command chains aka, the shadow government.
Realzing this, it's important to know the battle ground and while supporting your allies, it makes sense to also remember the goals of a just and open investagation. We cannot attack our allies, people.
After the dust setteles we can also confront certain ideologies with truth and public empowerment.

BULLSHIT 27.Jul.2009 13:29

wake up

9/11 Truth can do without Alex Jones. Alex doesn't give a shit for the 11th of the Month campaign or its founder or 911Truth.

A quote from

"The new Alex Jones video is out and I wanted to post a brief note explaining why it won't be promoted on this site. Unfortunately, Jones chose to feature The new Alex Jones video is out and I wanted to post a brief note explaining why it won't be promoted on this site. Unfortunately, Jones chose to feature prominently in his video an individual who has repeatedly and viciously attacked Cindy Sheehan, myself, truthaction.org and a number of other truth and peace activists. These attacks included - but were not limited to - accusing me of being a terrorist, proclaiming that truthaction.org shares the same values as al Qaeda (!?), alleging that I take marching orders from the FBI and money from the Ford Foundation and commissioning a professional cartoon to illustrate the aforementioned slander along with the implication of intravenous drug abuse.

While these accusations were somewhat hilarious in their ridiculous nature, they were also quite ugly and damaging and in fact fed into a months-long campaign of video and blog attacks that bore the distinctive foul air of a psychological operation.

I imagine the Jones film will have plenty of valuable information and this decision should not be taken as an attempt to suppress the material (as if that would even be remotely possible). But simply as a matter of principle, there is no way in hell that this site will be promoting this blatant disinformationist who, to this day, has never retracted nor apologized for his laundry list of lies.

There is no ban on discussion of the film or its contents, only on headlines and direct links or embeds."

All Alex cares about is $$$.

get a clue