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Rest In Peace Bonnie Tinker

Bonnie Tinker, a well-loved and much-respected Portland activist, was killed on Thursday, July 2, in an accident on the campus of Virginia Tech University. She was attending a conference of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker). Bonnie was killed while bicycling on campus when a Mack dump truck turned into her.

Bonnie was an indefatigable and irrepressible peace and justice activist, who "spoke Truth to Power" about issues that impacted all of us -- and some of us more than others. She was a Quaker, a Seriously Pissed Off Granny and the Executive Director of Love Makes a Family. Bonnie's life witnessed the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community and Equality.

Memories: "For those who don't know, Bonnie was one of the rockin grandmothers who, among many other things, stood outside the army recruiter's office for months on end, demonstrating against the war. Remember when the office was decked out in hand prints of blood? Bonnie also founded a shelter for women escaping domestic violence, and stood up for all oppressed people."

--- "A few years back, she took part in a Gay Pride demo against the military, in which the theme was, "DO Ask, DO Tell, DON'T JOIN." She fought for equal rights and for the right to marry for lesbians and gays, and she fought for the right of women not to be bludgeoned and beaten by the men in their lives."

--- "Everyone who came into contact with Bonnie became a better person because of her."

--- "I met Bonnie over a decade ago when I was an organizer for the Oregon Farmworker Union. Unbelievable, a stunning loss..."

--- "Bonnie was an inspiration for me. I did attend some of the Grannies' demonstrations, and the court session, which they WON! I hope there will be a peace tribute for her. Let it be posted. This is so sad."

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Bonnie's sign
Bonnie's sign
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