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Rose City Antifa: Statement on Anti-Semites and their Collaborators

Recent events have highlighted the fact that anti-Semitic organizers in Portland, Oregon are relying on "Leftist" spaces and groups to tolerate their efforts and ideology.
On Wednesday, June 10, Valdas Anelauskas, a self-described "white separatist" who is involved with Holocaust-denial circles, gave a presentation to a group of sympathizers in Portland, Oregon. The event was sponsored by the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, and was initially scheduled to take place at the Laughing Horse Book & Video Collective.

Members of Rose City Antifascists ("Antifa") —the Portland affiliate of the Anti-Racist Action Network—were among those who contacted Laughing Horse Books about the scheduled event. The Laughing Horse collective canceled the anti-Semitic event within 48 hours of being notified about its true nature. Subsequently the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance moved Anelauskas' talk—on the topic of "The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism"—to a secondary venue, which was also discovered by Antifa and then persuaded to cancel on the day of the event. Unfortunately, Anelauskas' talk then went ahead at a third venue, a restaurant obviously booked at the last minute.

Valdas Anelauskas is a "racialist" (read: racist) activist currently based in Eugene, Oregon. This Lithuanian immigrant has assisted the World Anti-Communist League, an organization that supported Latin American death squads and has harbored former Nazi collaborators. Anelauskas is now active in the Pacifica Forum, a Eugene, Oregon organization which hosts Holocaust-denial speakers such as David Irving plus Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review. Anelauskas himself claims that the evidence for the Holocaust is "shaky", that Jewish people are responsible for "Bolshevism", and that the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion are credible. Anelauskas' position on Jewish people is clear:

"Only from people of that peculiar tribe can we expect such Talmudic hatred for humanity. There is even a famous saying that wars are the Jews' harvest."

While Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance activist Tim Titrud was one organizer for Anelauskas' talk in Portland, Titrud appears to have been assisted by a cast of several others, especially Tim Calvert, who is well-known in Portland as a co-founder of Laughing Horse Books as well as the Citybikes Workers' Cooperative. Calvert's conspiracy theories about Jewish power, and his denial of the Nazi genocide against the Jewish people, have been an open secret in Portland for years.

Footage of Anelauskas' speech, including an introduction by Tim Calvert, is available at the following link:

http://www. mefeedia. com/entry/pdx-9-11-truth-on-frankfurt-school-cultural-marxism-in-america/19360151

The anti-Semitic, racist and fascistic nature of Anelauskas' presentation is obvious. We would like to note, however, Tim Calvert's insinuation during the introduction that his critics are actually state agents—an extremely dangerous claim to make in the absence of any evidence.

Rose City Antifa strongly opposes attempts to make excuses for anti-Semitism, or to pretend that it is any less poisonous than any other form of racism. Anelauskas' speaking event in Portland took place on the same day that white supremacist James von Brunn opened fire at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, murdering a security guard there.

By making its anti-Semitism explicit, and by organizing in association with racists, fascists and Holocaust-deniers, the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance has shown its true colors. It has cleared up any confusion in anti-fascist ranks about how we should consider the organization.

With all this stated, we applaud the Laughing Horse Books collective for its brave decision to cancel the Anelauskas event at the store. We have now received information that Tim Calvert has retired from Laughing Horse Books, although this may or may not actually be the case. Needless to say, we believe that Laughing Horse should not host any future events of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance. We also believe that most of the Laughing Horse Books collective have acted commendably so far.

Rose City Antifa calls for the Citybikes Workers' Cooperative to remove Tim Calvert from the co-op, and to thereby stop putting food on his plate. We believe that those pushing organized Jew-hatred and pogrom politics should be collectively resisted. If a collective or co-op can't deal properly with an anti-Semitic activist within its ranks, then it does not deserve to be supported.

Other organizations involving Tim Calvert, such as the Cascadia Education Project, are also advised to take notice.

This statement is a beginning; other fascist collaborators should not consider themselves to have been let off the hook in any way.

No compromise and no half-measures!

- Rose City Antifa / Portland ARA
fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net
971.533.7832 (voicemail)

phone: phone: 971-533-7832 (VM)

link provided 26.Jun.2009 13:14


the real link for the video clip is here:
 link to www.mefeedia.com

thanks 28.Jun.2009 23:26


I would care to speak as an individual from the laughing horse books collective. We are an open group and we wish only to serve OUR community in all things anti capitalist, to provide educational materials designed to expose this decadent nations true history, and institutionalized oppression. We fight against inhumanity and hope to one day actually give western civilization a try. We encourage QUESTIONING, and try to NOT be absolutist. But institutionalized racism sexism homophobia able-ism class-ism patriarchy heterosexism, and so much more white male nationalist conditioning has been the rule FOR SO LONG that there is so much to un-learn but first you must feel SAFE to do so. To empower to grow to heal your pain and take others with you. I regret so much that I have felt so powerless on this apparent profound change in A powerful sensitive activist and friend. This has been very hard on us all. But thank you to portland antifi and to many loving folks at laughing horse and beyond. Tim is no longer a collective member. I would not say that Tim denies the holocaust, but I wont back away from the fact that he questions it and I really don't see the biggest distinction. I also feel that thinking everyone is an agent- and too much conspiracy and paranoia is counterproductive and perhaps a sign of some other issues I would luv us all to cleanse ourselves of. As Stokeley Carmichael once said "we cannot become so paranoid that we become in-active". I would also like to say I stand very FIRM on there being NO distinction between calling someone a N***** a F** B****, and so on (ICK) and openly questioning the OBVIOUS genocide of millions of minority groups. And as for the Valdas FOOTAGE- YEOW MY SHIT! It is terrible and against so so much I believe. The nine eleven group I feel has yet AGAIN used us and our collective to discuss SHIT pure shit. The fifties were great he says- P.C. as he calls it is deadly and Pat Buchanan is a HERO, and that helping to give a voice to the voiceless FINNALLY is the trojan horse of facsism. Ew as if.
I feel sad. and Oh they moved H Rap Brown to a federal prison for ORGANIZING. Like someone once said when the prison gates bust open the REAL dragons will come out. Thanks again for statement I hope it helps.

Tim Calvert's response to the indymedia smear campaign 13.Jul.2009 20:51


Tim Calvert's response to the indymedia smear campaign

As a life long activist who has struggled for human rights and justice for all people. Who respects the religions and spirituality of all people. Watching as globalization and homogenization destroy cultures world wide. Staring with wonder at the power of the multi-national corporations and their propaganda organs. Witnessing the oppression of activists who challenge these forces. Wondering if truly being in solidarity with the forces of justice equality and respect for the earth would bring these forces down on me.

Now I am being anonymously attacked and accused of all sorts of things without ever being asked to clarify anything. I am not anti-Semitic. I don't deny the horrors of WWII including the Holocaust and the many forgotten details of that time.

I do want to acknowledge that inviting Valdas Anelauskas was wrong and I apologize for creating this controversy and doubt in my credentials as a progressive activist. Thank you, Rose City Anti-fascists, for bringing this matter up in such a vigorous way. I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended. Rose City Anti-Fascists have helped deepen the discussion of what is offensive.

Having talked with many people over the last few days, I want to further clarify why the 9-11 truth group invited Anelauskas and what my position is vis-a-vis him.

The 9-11 group invited him because we had had some limited contact with him when a number of us went to Eugene and met him after a Pacifica Forum event. The Pacifica forum itself has been under attack from various players, including the Southern Poverty Law Center. The lecture we saw was prepared by Anelauskas, and was an expose on the Southern Poverty Law Center. A contact we had with the Pacifica Forum alerted us to a new lecture he had prepared about the Frankfurt School. We decided to invite him to speak.

I should say that we were not intimately familiar with all of Anelauskas's views and did not subject his background to heavy scrutiny. When the event was targeted by this outside group, whom we also really don't know, i.e. Rose City Anti-Fascists, we were defiant.

As this controversy has expanded, I want to clarify my politics vis-a-vis Anelauskas. Much of what he said in the lecture and subsequent conversations revealed that he had a naďve and reactionary view of American politics (the fifties were great), a rather tortured view of European politics (the Western Tradition was under attack, but when queried on the definition of Western Tradition, that too, seemed naive and ill formed). He does offer an unusual perspective - Latvian, Soviet Dissident, a scholar without a home, filled with a certain amount of (perhaps justified) bitterness. Would the 9-11 group invite him again? I doubt it.

The 9-11 Truth group has a fairly long history of taking on controversial issues and positions. The group has invited other speakers that it has not agreed with. I would say that the 9-11 group values Free Speech in the highest way, as we have watched the narrative of the 9-11 attacks being solidified into a ludicrous conspiracy theory involving Arabs in a Cave, and the voices challenging that lie systematically silenced.

In summary, I do not agree with most of Valdas Anelauskas's politics, some of which I agree is offensive. Does this mean he never makes any good points? He was invited to talk about the Frankfurt School and he did so. Did the group assembled think he was unassailable? No. As people may be aware, I have a long history of political work and thinking, and am happy to share my perspective with others. Fundamentally I believe in Justice, Solidarity, and Human Rights for all. My perspective on religions is respectful and supportive; spirituality with community are to be lauded. I have no problems with individuals in any faith. I do reserve the right to criticize organized religions when they are being used to justify oppression and, unfortunately, all three in the Abrahamic tradition have had that history. A person's ethnic or religious background is secondary to the actions they display in the world. I deny making any broad accusations about any ethnic or religious groups. I judge people and institutions by their actions, not their appearances.


wingnuts and anti-semites 26.Jun.2009 10:54


It's about time someone called these fucks out!

Bravo 26.Jun.2009 12:54


Thanks for writing this. I feel like anti-Semitism gets tolerated way too much in radical communities, especially when it can be framed as being anti-Zionist, or anti-banker, or what have you.

But Still, not to Let Israel off the Hook... 26.Jun.2009 14:08

Damos Abadon koldphraust@hotmail.com

Much agreed! I definately see myself as anti-zionist - as zionism is an inherently racist, culture-destroying concept that goes hand n hand with christendom & capitolism.
But there's as much difference b/t being anti-zionist & anti-semetic as there was b/t the Leftest Marxists & the National "socialists" who took Germany in the 1930's.

And 9/11 TRUTH is a ligitamate movement. So unless you all buy into the "official' story, let's take out all the blatant jew-bashing, racist garbage!
And SHAME on Laughing Horse for NOT vetting their guest speakers more carefully!

Thank you. 26.Jun.2009 16:01


Well reported. Thank you.

thank you Rose City Antifa 26.Jun.2009 19:00

shalom portland

As a former Portland resident who is tired of leftists who have come to accept antisemitism, I want to thank you for your actions, especially since it seems that recent ARA statements have not included "antisemitism" on the list of things that it opposes. Smash antisemitism! Smash all forms of oppression!

Wow! 26.Jun.2009 21:20


Old Tim, huh? Damn. Worth looking into, never woulda guessed. Would be nice to see statements from the other orgs in which he participates in.


Same Problem, Same People, Different Place 27.Jun.2009 08:56


I work on a student magazine at the University of Oregon, and we've been covering Anelauskas and the rest of the assholes at the Pacifica Forum for a couple of years.

The Pacifica Forum has invited several well-known Holocaust deniers to speak at the UO campus, and it was recently classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. ( http://www.registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/web/news/cityregion/9560048-41/story.csp)

The group used to be just a bunch of well-meaning pacifists and old hippies, but its focus on the Israel/Palestine conflict attracted some unsavory elements (Anelauskas, among others). Be vigilant in making sure legitimate criticisms of Israel and Zionism don't veer into anti-Semetic lunacy. There are no excuses.

If you want to read our archive on the Pacifica Forum, go here:  http://www.oregoncommentator.com/category/pacifica-forum/

Thanks for info 27.Jun.2009 09:06

solidarity for ever

Yes, a big thank you for this posting, and alerting us to individuals who are well known in stumptown, but obviously not well known enough!
This is what makes indymedia so useful.

' I feel like anti-Semitism gets tolerated way too much in radical communities, especially when it can be framed as being anti-Zionist, or anti-banker'

Absolutely anti-semitism and racism along with sexism and homophobia must always be called out. But is seems to me that anti semitic bigots ARE-pro Zionism because they want Jews to move to Israel, whether they want to or not.
All the great writers against Zionism are Jewish.
And we have to be clear that Zionism is not an answer to anti-semitism.

And then, just when you think it's safe... 27.Jun.2009 09:57

Rat Sniffer

As soon as you call out anti-semitism, right-wing rabid pro-Zionist wanks at the Oregon Commentator feel comfortable to chip in to the discussion as some kind of ally. Ew! Gotta wash that slime off my elbow!

I applaud these efforts 27.Jun.2009 10:28

good riddance to bad rubbish

It is important to remove disruptors and turncoats from our communities. Especially one that has been gradually turning for so long. It seems as though this particular instance was handled decently(if a little on the edgy side). I hope that folks will continue to keep their emotions in check when negotiating change within community. An unfortunately placed disruptor/turncoat can do a lot of damage, but overdoses of splits and friendly fire drama can do even more. Experience shows that threats, intimidation, and disrespect fired off on collateral damage can create unusual allies for disruptors (even nazis and rapists). Yes call them out but continue to remain calm and principled when doing so. Escalate only when necessary and be prepared to demonstrate that a principled path of escalation of tactics has occurred. People are generally far more sympathetic and supportive of a process like that.

re: but still... 27.Jun.2009 10:33


So the organizers of the talk, Portland 9/11 Truth, are "ligitamate" but shame on the folks who were simply providing the space? Come on.

Re: Good Riddance 27.Jun.2009 12:48

Hard Left

I don't necessarily agree that this is a matter "negotiating change within the community". I think it is important to be clear about what constitutes "community" and what common values are most central to our vision. Otherwise the word just becomes meaningless jargon. In terms of this specific person, I feel no kinship with him in any way. I see him as a proto-fascist, anti-Semite that is not aligned with my core ideals at all. The fact that he may have done some anti-war or other types of non-onerous organizing does not alter this what-so-ever. Many explicit White Nationaists are anti-war, many believe in small autonomous collectives, that certainly does not make them part of my "community".
More broadly, I don't see the 911 Truth movement as being in my intellectual/ ideological community in any sense. In fact the 9/11 Truth Movement has taken genuine public outrage and channeled it into a totally useless direction, one that promotes intellectual laziness and diffuses all potential for truly revolutionary change.

The traditional conspiracists that rail against Illuminatis and Free Masons have a growing mainstream audience that is ideologically receptive to their crackpot theories and the ideological baggage that goes with it. This is of little surprise, as conspiracies are a natural outgrowth of people's realization that there is something fundamentally wrong with the system and attempts to explain what that is. However, the rise of the 9/11 conspiracy movement in mainstream organizing is of concern because conspiracy theories are wholly inadequate for explaining the state of the world, and contain the ideological underpinnings of fascism. The conspiracy theory movement, including the 9/11 conspiracy movement, is fundamentally rooted in strong nationalism, neglects the oppression of traditionally marginalized people, and offers little prospect for radical change.

Conspiracy theories, when stripped to their very core, all follow the same general narrative: "America was a great experiment in democracy and was going fine until the Free Masons/Jews/United Nations/Neo-conservatives/etc corrupted it and took power for themselves, oppressing and stealing from the average American" The heart of this is a strong belief in the American myth and the basic benevolence of the nation-state, minus the introduction of the conspirators. This nationalist sentiment is no different from the nationalism held by traditional conservative and far-right groups. This nationalism sets the primary goals of the conspiracy theory movement, which is a reclamation and protection of America and Americans, regardless of the cost to others. This nationalism is exemplified in the vocal support of many conspiracists like Alex Jones for anti-immigration causes like the Minutemen. Conspiracy theories are not part of a movement for the liberty and equality of all people everywhere, but rather a movement for the liberty and equality of all Americans, as defined by the conspiracy movement.

The conspiracy movement replaces meaningful community organizing with disempowering sensationalism and fear mongering. Instead of identifying the socialized and internalized oppressions in society and working to dismantle them and the structures that maintain them, conspiracy theories rely on an endless stream of sensationalized books and videos, waiting for a magical day when every one "wakes up." Moreover, the conspiracy movement absolves itself of the responsibility it bears for its own involvement in oppression. The central idea of conspiracies is that all problems and oppression stem directly from the cabal at the top. This ignores the complexity of oppression and the way all people internalize and take part in it. By scapegoating the problem on the conspirators, conspiracy theorists avoid self-critique or personal change. This oversimplified model can only perpetuate oppressions by not forcing people to examine their role and deconstruct the system of oppression.

a major oppression in society are secret societies 28.Jun.2009 03:52

and the more traditional suspects

"socialized and internalized oppressions in society" are secret societies you nitwit. Bilderberg? "Anti-Defamation League" is just a branch of Jewish Masonry. Skull and Bones? It's all intertwined.

It's just an incestuous criminal club at the top--and that IS a socialized and internalized oppression because some people want to limit other's discussions of very tangible issues in these areas.

Let me clarify 28.Jun.2009 06:51

good riddance to bad rubbish

What I meant by community was collectives, like Laughing Horse or any other collective that have someone like Tim disrupting them. I think groups hold on to people like that simply because they don't feel confident in booting them out. Disruptors can be really intimidating/manipulative and often people will leave a group rather than boot the person out(some people don't even understand that kicking someone out is an option). Like with Laughing Horse, people just need a nudge in the right direction sometimes and to know they'll be supported in taking action against a disruptor/turncoat.

Epic fail 28.Jun.2009 16:12


"'Anti-Defamation League' is just a branch of Jewish Masonry."

Erm, you are an obvious antisemite. (Not that I agree with the politics of the ADL, but c'mon...)

Thanks for reaffirming the importance of what Antifa have to say.

peek inside the Order 28.Jun.2009 17:53

if there's nothing there

""Anti-Defamation League" is just a branch of Jewish Masonry." It is! Happy to inform you. From 1843 when the B'nai B'rith was founded to 1908 when the ADL founded as a committee in their secret session, the B'nai B'rith/ADL has been at core mobilized off secret society networks. A quote or two about this from their own history below for the ignorant.

You're affirming the level of ignorance and non-specific ease in which the card of "anti-semetism" can be played as a trump card of slander without justification. This is the jocularity and "over-xeroxing" of the claim in which the term "communist" was plastered around 70-20 years ago to silence debate.

Defamation by association has been taken to court. People have won court settlements of money against the ADL for being a defamation based organization unfairly in many cases.

Three bits of information:


From their own history!

The following material detailing B'nai B'rith's curious Masonic and Geopolitical History is taken from their official history book: B'nai B'rith - The Story of a Covenant, by Edward E. Grusd, Appleton-Century, New York 1966.

From the Forward pg. xi

Those whose responsibility it is to interpret B'nai B'rith to the public have a formidable task... from small beginnings, has grown into a vast enterprise of nearly half million men, women, and young people in forty-four countries. It has become so complex in its structure and activities that most of its members-to say nothing of others-have only a limited knowledge of its achievements, purposes, and scope. This book, the first full-length history of B'nai B'rith,...

...From Chapter 2 - The very beginning

B'nai B'rith was founded on October 13, 1843, for the expressed purpose of ending, or at least reducing, the chaos and anarchy in Jewish life-or, as one of the founders put it, of "uniting and elevating the Sons of Abraham."

There were twelve founders, all in their twenties or thirties. All had been born in Germany, and had come to New York in the late 1820's or 1830's. All lived on the lower East Side, where most of them, at the time, were petty shopkeepers. The majority had not known one another in Germany, and only a few were acquainted before 1843...

Those few included Henry Jones, Isaac Rosenbourg, William Renau, and Reuben Rodacher. They met, apparently, because they were members of the Free Masons or Odd Fellows, as well as of several secret benevolent societies...

...The Constitution created a supreme ruling body, called the Constitution Grand Lodge (CGL), which alone had the authority to issue and revoke charters for local lodges, frame laws binding upon all, confer degrees, and act as a final court in all disputes. It was to consist of the twelve founders plus the past presidents of all local lodges...

In line with their desire to have a Hebrew name for the group, they also chose Hebrew titles for their officers. The president was called the Grand Nsi Abh; the vice president, Grand Aleph; the secretary, Grand Sopher, etc. The ritual was similarly florid [masonic] it consisted of six degrees which imparted the aims and purposes of the Order, each illustrated by examples from Jewish history, thus imparting knowledge sadly lacking in most of the new members.[One of the general themes of the Occult is they imply to their potential recruits that they possess the "real" truth and the "full" and "complete" teaching of religion and history.]

To receive a lodge charter, twenty-five "Israelites" had to send in a petition and pay the expense of a CGL committee visit to determine if the group was worthy... Each lodge had to collect dues from its members... each lodge had to remit 10 percent of its receipts to the CGL, and pay twenty dollars for its charter. The Constitution designated New York City as the permanent seat of the CGL...

The Masonic "Home", at the corner of Oliver and Henry Streets, was rented for two dollars a night, and on Novemeber 12, at 8 P.M., the first meeting of the first B'nai B'rith lodge was called to order by Henry Jones as temporary chairman. It was named New York Lodge No. 1, and it is still flourishing. It was impressively installed, with all the founders of the Order present, not only as the supreme ruling body, but as members of the lodge. Full of solemnity, they conducted for the first time the imposing ceremonies prescribed by the ritual , which presumably captivated the imagination of all present.

The new group grew fairly rapidly. At each meeting there were from 20 to 25 applications for membership, although an average of four out of every ten were blackballed.

All fraternal bodies of the time were secret ones. Each new B'nai B'rith member was admonished "to hear, to see, and to keep silent." This aura of mystery intrigued them and welded them more closely together in a solemn brotherhood."

...at the 1908 meeting of the Order's Executive Committee, Rabbi Joseph Silverman of New York proposed that B'nai B'rith should establish an agency "for the defense of the Jewish name", [thus the ADL was formed]



In 2000 it was reported that Mr. Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, was working with the Grand Master of Anglo-American Freemasonry HRH The Duke of Kent, the founder of the Jerusalem Lodge, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy Count Giuliano di Bernardo, and the Worshipful Master of the prestigious Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge Lord Northhampton, who has been atop the Temple Mount conducting studies. Evidently these mystical adepts intend to reconstruct the 2,500 year old King Solomons Temple. It seems the brethren are anticipating a forthcoming resurrection of Grand Master Abiff's architectural endevours...


The best selling author Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossad katsa ('chief of station' of the Israeli secret services), speaks plainly that the ADL works with Mossad on labeling people with the phrase 'anti-semetic' if Mossad instructs them to do so.

thank you 28.Jun.2009 23:00


I would care to speak as an individual from the laughing horse books collective. We are an open group and we wish only to serve OUR community in all things anti capitalist, to provide educational materials designed to expose this decadent nations true history, and institutionalized oppression. We fight against inhumanity and hope to one day actually give western civilization a try. We encourage QUESTIONING, and try to NOT be absolutist. But institutionalized racism sexism homophobia able-ism class-ism patriarchy heterosexism, and so much more white male nationalist conditioning has been the rule FOR SO LONG that there is so much to un-learn but first you must feel SAFE to do so. To empower to grow to heal your pain and take others with you. I regret so much that I have felt so powerless on this apparent profound change in A powerful sensitive activist and friend. This has been very hard on us all. But thank you to portland antifi and to many loving folks at laughing horse and beyond. Tim is no longer a collective member. I would not say that Tim denies the holocaust, but I wont back away from the fact that he questions it and I really don't see the biggest distinction. I also feel that thinking everyone is an agent- and too much conspiracy and paranoia is counterproductive and perhaps a sign of some other issues I would luv us all to cleanse ourselves of. As Stokeley Carmichael once said "we cannot become so paranoid that we become in-active". I would also like to say I stand very FIRM on there being NO distinction between calling someone a N***** a F** B****, and so on (ICK) and openly questioning the OBVIOUS genocide of millions of minority groups. And as for the Valdas FOOTAGE- YEOW MY SHIT! It is terrible and against so so much I believe. The nine eleven group I feel has yet AGAIN used us and our collective to discuss SHIT pure shit. The fifties were great he says- P.C. as he calls it is deadly and Pat Buchanan is a HERO, and that helping to give a voice to the voiceless FINNALLY is the trojan horse of facsism. Ew as if.
I feel sad. and Oh they moved H Rap Brown to a federal prison for ORGANIZING. Like someone once said when the prison gates bust open the REAL dragons will come out. Thanks again for statement I hope it helps.

Thank you so much Antifa! Also. . . 29.Jun.2009 03:25


I am wondering if anyone can expound on this statement:

"Calvert's conspiracy theories about Jewish power, and his denial of the Nazi genocide against the Jewish people, have been an open secret in Portland for years."

activism is not a feel good, party-line ideology only 29.Jun.2009 07:11

document ALL power inequalities

"I also feel that thinking everyone is an agent- and too much conspiracy and paranoia is counterproductive and perhaps a sign of some other issues I would luv us all to cleanse ourselves of. As Stokeley Carmichael once said "we cannot become so paranoid that we become in-active"."

So, what I get from that is, it is more important to believe something that makes you feel good instead of it being accurate? Even if it's partial, misleading, and perhaps wishful thinking? Activism cannot have such cognitive dissonance about power.

Being selective about all causes of oppression (not just thinking about the ones you want!) will leave you to be bitten from something you were unaware of or rather intentionally and culturally blind to. "Politically correct, status quo activism versus another politically correct status quo?" Now I've heard of everything. Political activism is always incorrect and a challenge. Activism should not be looking for its missing keys to liberation under the bright streetlights. Mae Brussel wrote of the importance of looking at all groups and researching all areas because any IDEOLOGICALLY BLINKERED view of activism will always leave something out. All perspectives have something to offer on a critique of power, though all are equally blinding. Only by sifting and comparing different views can you know your own taboos in your original activism concerns.


Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union lewchurch@gmail.com

PSU Progressive Student Union has been affiliated with Laughing Horse, off and on, in recent years: we, at one point, moved our Progressive Film Fest to Laughing Horse due to conservative pracitces and policies of the PSU Administration (specifically, the PSU SALP department). However, we have recetly moved the Progressive Film Fest back to PSU (and continue to deal with right-wing campus politics, including having our projector confiscated last week by a conservative student group, censoring the Michael Moore film, The Big One, which we were set to show -- we'll show it later!).

Two years ago, Laughing Horse had Mary Starett as a speaker, a right-wing, pro-life, former KATU-TV2 morning talk show cohost, now with the Constitution Party in Oregon. Laughing Horse, then as now, cancelled the right-wing speaker. Williamette Week printed a op-ed piece that Progressive Student Union sent in, supporting Laughing Horse's decision to de-schedule that speaker. We also support Laughing Horse's decisions, this summer, to de-schedule the holocaust denier speaker, as well as to remove/dis-affiliate from two Laughing Horse volunteers, Glen (a 9-11 conspiracy organizer but not a LHorse collective member) and Tim Calvert (the last founding member of Laughing Horse, a 23-year member of the collective).

Tim's also a friend of mine, since he and his partner were my volunteers in the early 80s when they were volunteers for the Food Bank, when I was the Food Bank's fundraiser in Portland and they were undergrads at Lewis and Clark. Tim got his BS in Sociology there.

Tim has worked on other organizing projects for a long time, anti-war organizing, and more recently, supporting Zahra's Iraq Refugee Group over the past year.

I was at the last Laughing Horse collective meeting which discussed whether any/all 9-11 groups should still meet at LHorse (not sure if a decision has been reached on that one), and whether Glen and Tim should be disinvited from volunteering at the store.

For years, several LHorse members have stated that Tim says there was no holocaust, and no gas chambers. Tim is very much a conspiracy theorist, generally, as are some Laughing Horse members.

At a certain point, conspiracy theories seem to devolve into a simple question of who is in power, and who isn't, and to support removing those from power at the national level. This seems to ignore ideology when it would seem that whether the new group taking power is progressive (Hugo Chavez??) or reactionary/right-wing (the Shah replacing Mossadeght in Iran in 1953) is salient.

Tim told me he was in Eugene at the Pacifica Forum event at UO, attended and protested by UO's student body president. At PSU, our student body president last year, Hannah Fisher, was pro-AIPAC. Being anti-Zionist and denying the holocaust do get confused by some who veer to the right. As a strong Palestinian advocate, Tim has always criticized Israel's foreign policy.

Saying that people who question, or want to censor, holocaust deniers, somehow also are supporters of Israel is incorrect. Saying that protestors are state agents, without evidence, is wrong, and less than helpful for organizing. Security culture, of course, is useful, for organizing, per se, on the other hand.

There have been a couple Laughing Horse members, Tim being one, who, on a different issue, renaming a street for Cesar Chavez, have stated that something in Woodburn should be named for UFW organizer Chavez, not a street in Portland. However, opposing a street renaming seems far different from denying the holocaust and denying the gas chambers.

Tim has told me that he thinks the laws in Europe which make it a crime to say the holocaust didn't happen, are incorrect laws. That is, free speech should include questioning the holocaust. As I said at the Laughing Horse meeting, I disagree with that, and support that law.

Tim's also questioned the practices of the Southern Poverty Law Center, founded by Morris Dees. I once thought about working at SPLC, when I was a VISTA organizer with SCLC in Macon, Georgia. Julian Bond is the SPLC board president. SPLC does track hate groups and holocaust denier groups, as well.

When PSU Progressive Student Union organized five pickets in Portland against Coke products (for Coke's support of the apartheid regime in S. Africa; we now support the Coke-Odwalla Boycott for human rights in Colombia and in Darfur) -- ARA (Anti-Racist Action) in Portland was one of the main groups sending picketers to those demonstrations, and ARA, at that point, did include anti-semitism as a form of racism they opposed.

While it is understandable, due to the US-Israeli political alliance in the mideast (and elsewhere) that both countries's primary foreign policies can, and should be, opposed -- that doesn't, by the same token, mean that denying holocaust or gas chambers is a legitimate position, at all.

In Portland, Bob Horenstine of Jewish Federation of Portland, has taken many right-wing positions in support of Israel, and criticism of Bob and JFP on those grounds seems well-taken.

But, just as Hitler once said that the holcaust wouldn't be opposed effectively at the time because "who remembers Armenia?" (and Turkey, as a nation, still denies that Armenia happened!) -- remembering, not denying, what happened in the past is important to changing right-wing policies, now -- locally, nationally and globally.


PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

A slight disagreement 29.Jun.2009 17:30

Julia julia.smedley2@gmail.com

Thank you for your report on Valdas Anelauskas and the way that the Laughing Horse collective worked to get his speech cancelled. I put a lot of work into making sure this happened on June 9th. At the same time, I do take issue with your plan for Rose City Antifa to "call for the Citybikes Workers' Cooperative to remove Tim Calvert from the co-op, and to thereby stop putting food on his plate." I feel that, given everything that has happened, including Tim Calvert's decision to leave the Laughing Horse collective, that this is a bit excessive. Tim *has* been a radical activist and a person who put an enormous amount of his time and money into a very important radical bookstore, for years. While I do agree with Tim's decision that he should quit the bookstore collective, I see no reason why he must lose his job, run out of money, and essentially become homeless and hungry for his conspiracy views, even though they do seem paranoid and somewhat destructive to activists. We need to keep the true (and truly awful) enemies in mind when we plan our political activism. I believe Tim can be reasoned with and he may end up changing his mind after doing some work with people who see things more clearly. Thanks for reading my post.

progressive, student, union 29.Jun.2009 18:29

i know what each of those words means, but

Is it just me, or when Lew Church identifies himself as "Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union," does it sound like he's a student, maybe an elected student representative. But if he had students working for him 25 years ago, that's probably not the right conclusion.

And what does Tim say? 29.Jun.2009 18:51


Like Lew Church above,I've known Tim since he was a senior at L & C,and worked with him on Central American solidarity issues as well as seen him at numerous conferences,marches,and rallies over the years.I'm shocked to hear about this apparent shift in his beliefs.

Now it's Tim's turn to speak for himself.

Lew,we usually agree on issues. I'm always glad when I see your posts,because they are well-written,logical,and stick to the facts.I've seen you around at different events,too.

I like David Irving and Norman Finkelstein. 29.Jun.2009 19:18

Truth Party

I just watched some really great google videos with David Irving and Norman Finkelstein.

Question for Lew re: films 29.Jun.2009 19:19


Thanks for keeping the progressive film festival,in its various names,going over the years.Please list on the Indymedia calendar the specific films to be shown each week.

what does "anti-zionism" mean? and clarification on recent ARA statements 29.Jun.2009 19:36

shalom portland

two points on the use of the term "ant-zionist" and on ARA statements.

First, Lew is using some slippery logic when he says "Being anti-Zionist and denying the holocaust do get confused by some who veer to the right. As a strong Palestinian advocate, Tim has always criticized Israel's foreign policy." LEw is conflating "anti-zionism" and criticism of Israeli foreign policy.

"Anti-zionism" almost always refers to people who advocate the abolition of Israel as a Jewish State - ie they are not Two-Staters, but One-Staters (usually binationalists), who ask for one, non-Jewish State in all of Mandate Palestine (Israel, Gaza and the West Bank - told British Palestine). (There are other anti-zionists, like Hamas, who reject binationalism because they demand one Islamist state in the whole area)

Many, many, many people - including both Left and Right Zionists - have openly "criticized Israel's foreign policy." Read any issue of the pro-Israel 'Tikkun' magazine, or any other Left Zionist media. 'Ha'artz' anyone?

Isreli's foreign policy (inc its policy towards the territories occupied after 67) is a totally separate issue from the notion of whether Israel should continue to be a Jewish state within the Green Line (ie 1948 boundaries).

When some people say 'anti-zionism is anti-semitism' (a formulation I do not agree with), they are not referring to people who criticize Israel's foreign policy; they are referring to people who call for the abolition of Israel.

Second, I misspoke about the ARA statements. I was referring to 2008 conference call-out, which does not specifically mention antisemitism in its lead:

"Anti-Racist Action is an international movement of people dedicated to stopping racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry from harming our communities. We work hard to "expose, oppose, and confront" hate in whatever form threatens the diversity and safety of the places we live in and the people we live with. We also firmly believe in building a fun, diverse, liberated and explicitly anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic youth culture."

< http://www.myspace.com/araconference2008>

However, further down it does mention it in its points of unity

"4) We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest and the most oppressed people."

In general I think some people in Portland need some education on what antisemitism is; what it is not; and the sticky question of what antisemitism means when it relates to Israel.

That said, this has nothing to do with Holocaust deniers and revisionists. They are antisemites and there should be a zero tolerance policy towards them. In any event, their presence merely de-legitimizes the Palestine Solidarity Movement, and the tolerance of them in those circles reinforces the notion that Palestine advocacy is deeply intertwined with antisemitism.

Seeing is believing 29.Jun.2009 19:52

Mr. M

It one has any doubts about this "shift" in his beliefs, one need only watch the video clip of the event itself. Tim gushes about the fact that he saw Valdas Anelauskas at the Pacifica Forum and asked him to come to Portland. So it is not as if he was somehow unaware of Anelauskas' overt fascism, and in fact seems to warmly approve with the thrust of the message.

Obviously being critical of the status quo, the U.S. government, or what have you doesn't necessarily mean you have decent politics, any sort of reasonable analysis, or desirable goals. Unfortunately, people can be attracted to radical politics for all sorts of reasons that aren't terribly productive (ie- mental illness, self-agrandisement, etc, etc). This (amoung other things, such as poor critical thinking skills) can lead to wild swings in ideology, a general scattershot theoretical formation, or the convoluted irrationality of the conspriracy movement. Probably the most famous example of this is Mussolini who started out on the Left.

More on Zionism / Anti-Zionism 29.Jun.2009 21:41


Thanks for your contributions to this discussion. I agree that the presence of anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers in left / pro-Palestine circles threatens the credibility of these groups and their causes. Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism! Anti-Zionist activists must defend this position rigorously.

However, there are many shades of Zionism (like all other nationalisms). Two-staters who believe in the legitimacy of a preferential ethno-religious state in *most of* historic Palestine ARE still Zionists. They should be challenged, along with the extremists who view *all of* historic Palestine and the surrounding region as "Eretz Israel." I see the two as fundamentally related.

Today, many mainstream Jewish communities unquestioningly support moderate Zionism. This was the norm in my community of origin, partly due to post-Holocaust anxieties about security and cultural survival. However, most Jews opposed all forms of Zionism (including the ostensibly apolitical cultural and spiritual strains) until the early- to mid- 20th Century, favoring cultural autonomy in diaspora.

Many of us still oppose nationalism and actively support movements for Palestinian liberation. We are well aware of the power dynamic in modern Palestine / Israel. However, we should take anti-Jewish prejudice seriously, and expect the same from our non-Jewish comrades!

This is a really great resource:

The Past Didn't Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Anti-Semitism Part of All Our Movements (zine)

Themes include: traditional anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism as Orientalism, the history of anti-Semitism on the left, anti-Jewish versus anti-Israel rhetoric, etc.

You can read it online:

A clarification. 29.Jun.2009 22:23


This whole situation is fairly upsetting.

First, kudos to the folks that understand the difference between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism.

Second, I don't necessarily think that Tim should be fired from Citybikes at this point. I think there should be more evidence presented in regards to how deep the racism goes. If he agrees with this wingnut racist on his conspiracy theory views and nothing else, then fine. But as someone else pointed out - watch the intro the video. Tim IS gushing about him. He knowingly invited a self-described a white separatist into a RADICAL SPACE with a safer space policy. Laughing Horse cannot and should not be condemned for not researching the speaker well enough. Being in a collective is a lot of work; some things get delegated and a particular person is empowered to make certain decisions. It is Tim's fault, and his alone, for inviting the racist into the bookstore. Then when the event got shut down, he said that it was cancelled entirely, which was a lie; it simply got moved to another location that Antifa found out about. Finally, with the third time being the charm, it happened in some unusual place.

Just because someone is a "radical activist" doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't be held accountable. Tim's involvement in radical spaces, as well as Citybikes and the co-op movement in general somehow places him on a pedestal. If he is much more racist than he lets on, it's probably not an accident that no one knows about it. People with inherently racist tendencies are quite capable of keeping them below the surface when convenient. But this is irrelevant. The point is that he MUST be held accountable. If not fired, then suspended, or some other course of action. He needs to make a public statement. If he is completely innocent of the charges brought against him, he needs to say so. But if he's not, he needs to say that too. If Citybikes chooses to ignore the issue, then they are complicit.

I, for one, have been a huge supporter of Citybikes but quite honestly, I will end my support immediately if Tim is not held accountable. Because frankly, I just wouldn't feel comfortable stepping inside that place anymore, much less giving them my money and support.

And forget all the "free speech" nonsense. You are free to say whatever you want, but you must also deal with the consequences of saying it.

handling of situation 30.Jun.2009 11:57

shalom portland

I agree with many of Circle-A's views. I applaud Laughing Horse's expulsion of Tim from the collective, and think they handled the situation appropriately.

Certainly City Bikes should be something about the issue. I too am uncomfortable with firing someone simply because they hold disgusting views. But that does not mean that City Bikes cannot make a public statement affirming its opposition to these views and, perhaps asking members to go through some kind of anti-oppression training regarding racism and antisemitism.

Also I would like to strongly suggest that Jewish and people of color members of the radical community be involved in this process. Their opinions should be specifically taken into account when a community figures out who to deal with a member with these views, since they are the ones most directly affected. (You may also wish to ask representatives of the larger Portland Jewish & POC community how they would like to see the situation handled.)

I hope this issue is discussed publicly and that Tim is given a chance to defend himself from accusations which he may claim are false. Especially with antisemitism, there is a tendency to deal with these issues "behind the scenes", which often leads to reinforcing stereotypes of Jewish power.

Last, the question of why this was an "open secret" for so many years and no one did anything about it also needs to be raised. Have people become this comfortable about antisemitism in recent years? I lived in pdx for years and have always felt nostalgic and come back occasionally to hang out. But this makes me feel queasy.

A note on students 30.Jun.2009 13:25

Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union lewchurch@gmail.com

There is a note in this thread that questions whether older people (geezers, seniors, et al.) can still be called students. The note cryptically refers to whether 'progressive' or 'union' are useful words, as well. Since the note is somewhat cryptic, here are some hopefully less cryptic thoughts re: inclusiveness in organizing.

At PSU, there has been a tradition of having older students as part of the campus, although increasingly the average age of students is now getting younger. It used to be that PSU's average age was 27. However, some activist groups and organizers on campus this summer have begun discussions about ways in which people (not just "students" in a traditional sense, or "stakeholders" in a corporate-decision making sense) can be excluded or marginalized. High school youth can be marginalized for being too young; seniors can be marginalized for not being 'productive workers' anymore, etc. (TriMet, in proposing yet again to cut or gut Fareless Square, seems to be marginalizing seniors, disabled people and others who live downtown and depend on Fareless Square for mobility in the central city).

One way to think about entrenched power (at a university like PSU, or in a given country) might be to compare the PSU Administration, or any college administration (who are not students, but staff) with advantages that big corporations have over low-income people who might want to run for public office. In other words, different courts have found term limits to be unconstitutional because, among other things, large institutions (Wall Street, or big conservative university bureaucracies) have a huge advantage over low-funded campus groups or low-income citizens who might want to run for public office.

Term limits have been at issue in recent elections, both in Venezuela and in the current coup in Honduras, for example. Lobbyists and the CIA, with other actors, as institutions, will tend to have far more wealth and staying power, than individual politicians or sometimes even political parties (ie, Salvador Allende ran for president five times in Chile, before winning, and 1970 was a three-way race, at that).

At Portland State, the PSU Administration's $1,000,000 SALP department (Student Activities Leadership Program) 'regulates' campus groups. Many activist, Left, and multicultural groups at PSU increasingly believe (and this has been an issue for years) that SALP is not helping students at the school, as provided for by a S.Ct. case (Southworth) which states that resource and fund allocations should be made in (a) a 'view point neutral fashion' (not just funding conservative campus groups) and (b) that off campus organizing should be encouraged and funded, under Southworth, as well.

While it is certainly true that I've lived in Oregon, off and on, for many years, I have also been an older, returning grad student (and got my M.Ed. at PSU at a geezer age, for sure). But PSU often talks about "lifelong education." Many students simply can't afford college tuition, even at so-called public universities, and read books on their own or join coops like Laughing Horse and try to stay informed, and volunteer. [At PSU, SALP and the Administration tend to think of grads -- or dropouts (and PSU has a very high dropout rate) -- as people who should donate via the Alumni Association, not become staff for campus groups, per se. That is, an Iranian grad of PSU in Engineering donated $8,000,000 to the PSU School of Engineering (which is now named after him). PSU Admin and PSU tend to think of alumni as money donors only, in this sense.

Ralph Nader, however, talked at PSU and urged people (students and non-students alike) to donate volunteer time, to counter the money donated by Wall Street interests, locally, nationally, globally. OSPIRG, in fact, at PSU, has been under siege by the Administration and conservative student groups. When our Progressive Slate took over ASPSU a couple years ago, OSPIRG got $150,000 in funding and had an office that year; Progressive Student Union got $15,000 that year -- out of the $14,000,000 annual student fee funds.

However, this year, OSPIRG asked for $160,000 and got zero. Six activist campus groups on the Left are not funded at PSU currently. All three official campus PSU papers (and I founded Rearguard in Iraq War I under Bush I, a long time ago) endorsed the conservative, pro-Iraq War, Iraq War vet student body presidential candidate (who won against two other slates). However, out of 25,000 PSU students, only 1,000 voted in the ASPSU elections -- and the Administration tossed out 400 votes, enough to have elected (if counted, if voting Left) the alternative, progressive slate, which came in third. Moreover, all PSU elections are online -- there are no paper ballots, despite Progressive Student Union (me), College Democrats (Meaghan) and OSPIRG (Jamie) in the student senate, proposing paper ballots in elections (a senate meeting that Tim Calvert attended, in fact).

One reason PSU Admin/SALP staff tend to dislike OSPIRG, OSA or Progressive Student Union is that our groups tend to have paid, older staff -- or, in Progressive Student Union's case, older volunteer staff. Progressive Student Union has never had paid staff, nor an office, and in 2009, we have filled out SALP's 17-page group registration form (it used to be one page) and are working on a summer 'exemption' to be a registered group, as suggested by Multicultural Center's manager, Jon Joiner, at PSU.

(The newly-elected, conservative ASPSU president, however, John Sanford, according the Vanguard, decided to axe the OSA position in student government -- Oregon Student Assoc. lobbies Salem for more money for higher education -- and Sanford replaced that slot with a Student Government Sports Coordinator job. At PSU, of the $14,000,000 in student fees allocated each year, $6,000,000 off the top goes to sports (and the Oregonian reports PSU loses $4,000,000 each year on funding sports).

PSU MEChA, for example, is another group which is being attacked by SALP: MEChA has a sign on their door protesting SALP's eviction and taking over of MEChA's office space. There was a "vote" that SALP had, where student groups voted against giving up their office space -- SALP then sent a memo that for "the good of the school" SALP should go ahead and expropriate office space from those groups. Some multicultural groups at PSU are talking about applying to be under the MCC umbrella (MultiCultural Center) and out of the SALP umbrella, altogether. SALP continues to be a problem at our school.

A recent editorial by a younger student in the daily school paper, the so-called Vanguard, trashed PSU offering free, audit classes to those over 65 (I'm not quite there yet) when it costs so much for regular students to pay tuition. Many European countries seem to provide higher ed at cheaper rates, or even, for free, depending on the country.

Due to the recession, tuition is going up at Oregon's public universities, which tends to exclude the working poor, older low-income students, and students of color, from access to education, overall.

It isn't just campus groups which have to deal with entrenched, conservative practices at PSU. It is, however, ironic this occurs at PSU, in a blue city, in a blue state! Faculty advisors at PSU to activist, Left groups have a habit of having their positions eliminated or not given tenure. Recently, Ridwan Nytagodian in Black Studies, advisor to AAS (Assoc. of African Students) was denied tenure (alleged for not publishing enough) and Ridwan moved back to S. Africa. Before that, Abdi Hassan, Progressive Student Union's advisor, also in Black Studies, had his position eliminated, and with his brother, Mohamed, Abdi moved back to Somalia.

PSU Progressive Student Union currently works (as we always have) on campus-community coalitions, and social justice projects. One of the reasons conservative student groups and the SALP department have never been happy with Progressive Student Union is that we do believe in coalitions. The pedestrian bridge over Broadway at PSU reads, "Let knowledge serve the city" but PSU increasingly seems to be practicing, "Let knowledge serve the yuppies." A recent student senate meeting, for example, refused to allow pro-labor speakers talk to the senate for the Coke-Odwalla Boycott for labor rights in Colombia. The last conservative student body president, Hannah Fisher, specifically threatened a community volunteer broadcaster on KPSU Radio that if he let pro-labor, pro-Coke Boycott speakers on his show (who were also going to criticize student government) that community volunteer would have his KPSU program yanked from him permanently.

Our current projects are: Coke-Odwalla Boycott, antiwar organizing, Cesar Chavez renaming project, the Progressive Film Fest, Transit Riders Union and Tenant Rights Project. We've always encouraged community coalitions, not just student or campus-only coalitions.

When we were able to bring Medea Benjamin to talk to 600 people in Smith ballroom at PSU, after Medea got back from Iraq and Afghanistan, we were able to raise $3,000 (a good amount for us), and had 46 campus and community groups endorse Medea's talk. Kayse Jama (Somalia originally) and Zahar Wahab (Afghanistan originally) both talked before I introduced Medea. Medea is the founding director of Global Exchange in San Francisco, and of Code Pink. We invited Medea to PSU (and got PSU to pay a $1,000 fee from the Speakers Board) to counter the 'official' PSU commencement speaker that year: Miss America.

Dan Bernstine, PSU's last university president, named Miss America as commencement speaker, he said, because Katie Harmon, a PSU student, was a 'good person' not because she participated in the required swimsuit part of the beauty pageant, etc. We didn't object to a younger speaker (someone from Sisters in Action, in Portland, would have been better!!), but this particular speaker also seemed pretty right wing (akin to Miss California this year, or Anita Bryant, in the past??). We asked PSU if there has ever been a socialist, feminist or anarchist beauty contest winner, etc. Later, Katie Harmon appeared as a singer at Dick Cheney's 2004 airport fundraiser (Cheney netted $400,000 at that event! -- a bit more than we raised with Medea Benjamin at PSU). Also, when Katie Harmon married a Captain in the Air Force, their wedding cake decoration (per the Oregonian) was a glass jet fighter plane.


PSU-PSU believes it is useful for anti-fascist and anti-racist groups, in the main text of this thread, to hold those accountable who deny the Holocaust and deny the gas chambers existed. We applaud Laughing Horse, now, for canceling this right-wing speaker, as well as canceling Mary Starett, another right-wing speaker, two years ago, as well.


PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

The Fascists in Rose City Antifa 30.Jun.2009 18:05

Jesse Mintz

This is a terrible feature to post on the main page. And I am a Holocaust believer and a Jew.

Basically, it is calling for the ruination of a man's life based on one particular belief he has which isn't true. People believe things everyday that aren't true. Why not ruin their lives too? Are you going to make a priest homeless because he believes that the Bible was literally written by God? Are you going to ruin a DA's life because he believes that white people are superior? Are you going to even ruin Valdas Anelauskas' life for being a racialist?

The answer to the questions are of course "no," because the above examples are people with some kind of power who's disposal might actually affect something if they were removed or pose a legitimate threat to Rose City Antifa's existence. But in the stupidity of the reactionary knee-jerk rabid-at-the-mouth lets-find-a-scapegoat and run them out of town, Rose City Antifa has only copied the very type of fascist, furious drive for death of the very thing they profess to fight against.

Let me repeat that, in case you didn't catch it.

Rose City Antifa are engaging in fascist behavior by scapegoating an individual and trying to destroy them.

And you know, there are a lot of Holocaust deniers, which isn't surprising to me on a personal level, since the explanation for it is either skepticism and Cartesian logic carried too far, or it is racism, or it is both. However, what I fail to understand is how groups like Rose City Antifa can profess to be anti-fascist without having engaged in Holocaust Research beyond the stupidities of popularized Holocaust perceptions.

You know, this action that Rose City Antifa is asking others to engage in is the exact basis in spirit and action of the Nazi book burnings (where the term 'Holocaust" originally came from by the way, meaning 'burnt offering.') It is in the spirt and action of Krystalnacht, it is in the spirit and action of Nazi and German civilians destroying Jewish businesses and Jewish workers.

May I say also, as a parting thought, that Rose City Antifa's action is in the spirt and action of fascism in that it conveys a sickening impotence manifested in the old cowardly form of a group of hive-minded individuals ganging up on an individual in order to destroy them.
Leave the guy alone. Go see what you can do that is worthwhile, Rose City Antifa.

Read a book, write a poem, reconstruct what are obviously your own destroyed lives.


not the first time 30.Jun.2009 18:54


When I visited Laughing Horse Books over a year ago, the volunteer on duty (ostensibly Calvert) was spouting off anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Jews running the media and so on. I was so taken aback that I could only voice my disgust and leave, while the two other people there cheerfully engaged him in conversation.

I can only imagine that the people running Laughing Horse have known about Calvert's anti-semitism for a long time. Further, when I was there the store stocked a lot of 9/11 conspiracy bullshit, so this event didn't really come out of the blue.

No Platform for Fascists 30.Jun.2009 19:44


Statement further proving the importance of Antifa's stand against holocaust denying racists:
"...calling for the ruination of a man's life based on one particular belief he has which isn't true. People believe things everyday that aren't true"

Good job minimizing, deflecting, and refusing to stand in solidarity with oppressed groups, Jesse Mintz. Your position is clear.

Tim uses his seniority and position in radical circles to promote hatred against Jews and actively recruits others to that belief system. It isn't a matter of silly ol' Tim having some silly crackpot ideas, it is a real threat to the safety and wellbeing of Jewish people in our community, and to disregard this is to devalue the importance of Jewish participation in our various movements; placing higher value on Tim, a promoter of oppression.

We have to make choices every day, choosing to "Read a book, write a poem..." rather than deal with a man who is targeting our Jewish comrades is cowardly and just plain wrong. Think of Portland's unemployment rate. Think of all the bike savvy folks in town who deserve a job at CityBikes more than a anti-Semitic scumbag whose first reaction to fellow activists calling on him to shut down a white-supremacist speaker is to call them "state agents". And yes, I support any action that knocks economically privileged white-supremacists and anti-semites out of their economically privileged position.

Thank you Laughing Horse for doing the right thing, I hope CityBikes does the same, despite Tim's seniority and monopoly on knowledge about worker run cooperatives.

cooperative economics and anti-semitism 30.Jun.2009 21:09

shalom portland

What's even more creepy is the conjunction of antisemitism with the beliefs of some supporters of worker-owned collectives, like the proto-anarchist Proudhon, who championed co-ops and worker-owned collectives in the 1840s-1860s. His ideas form the basis for much of today's cooperative movement.

Proudhon was not opposed to capitalism. He wanted a decentralized economic system of worker-owned collectives, but which operated in competition on a market (exactly as the various worker-owned businesses in Portland do today).

However, he believed that interest and finance capital were bad, and these were the things to get rid of. So he tried to start a 'people's bank' that lent money to small business at the lowest interest possible. Banking co-op's come partly out of this.

However, Proudhon was also an antisemite who thought that Jews represented finance capital. Some people claim that Proudhon's economics were picked up by the Nazis, who hated the Jewish bankers and "unproductive capital", but liked Aryan "productive capital" - farming, industrial production, etc. Like Proudhon, they equated interest=Jews=exploitation, but did not want to get rid of the market as such.

I wonder if Tim - a long-time co-op advocate - believed the same thing. It certainly would make sense.


For more background on this train of thought, see Moishe Postone's 'Anti-Semitism and National Socialism'


Coops Should Unequivocally Reject Anti-Semitism 01.Jul.2009 16:27

worker coop member / owner

Antifa thanks for exposing this. I've been acquainted with Tim for a few years as a member of the local worker coop movement and I had absolutely no idea that he held these views. I agree with the people who said that we need to hear what Tim and Citybikes have to say for themselves. I also think that we need to hear what Laughing Horse has to say; I'm glad that they pressured him to resign (right?) but I want to know how long they've been aware that he held these beliefs and why this hadn't been brought to light already. Especially in light of this, if true: "For years, several LHorse members have stated that Tim says there was no holocaust, and no gas chambers."

It's really upsetting to me that this wasn't made an issue long ago if it's true that Tim's anti-semitism / holocaust denial (or minimization?) has been an 'open secret in Portland for years.' My sense is that people think that anti-semitism isn't as a big of a deal as other forms of oppression -- a belief which is itself anti-semitic. Clearly Tim has also done good things over the years but this in no way absolves him of any effort he's made to spread hate and racism.

I'm personally ambivalent about whether Tim should be fired or not. Whatever happens I want everyone and every group held accountable to the degree that they're complicit in promoting or not resisting anti semitism. If Tim reveals himself to be an unrepentant bigot then he has to go, period. If some alternative accountability process can work then that's great too. I like 'shalom portland's idea.

If, on the other hand, this continues to be ignored by City Bikes then not only should people boycott, there should be an organized campaign to force accountability to happen. I for one will propose that my worker coop publicly denounce City Bikes for ignoring this issue if it comes to that. The local coop movement should not tolerate bigotry period.

@ shalom portland's last post: I would acknowledge that it's possible that Tim subscribes to some kind of Proudhon-inspired antisemitism but so far we haven't heard anything here that would indicate that this is the case. I also want to point out that, while it's true that worker coops in portland exist within a market framework I don't necessarily think that this is because workers at worker coops are necessarily mutualists. My experience has been that people within this movement are coming at it from a more pragmatic place of wanting democratic control of their workplaces, not wanting a boss etc. In addition some of us see our involvement in worker coops as part of a strategy of dual power / solidarity economy anarchism. If some of us are mutualists I also don't think that this means that antisemitism is part of the package so to speak. I'm not sure that you are claiming that this is the case. I just want to make sure that people are not left with this impression.

Like 'Hard Left' points out above: some racists have beliefs (besides the racism itself) that are close to anarchist beliefs. In addition some self-identified anarchists in the past, as well as some proto anarchists have been racists (Proudhon, Bakunin and others). At this point, however, one cannot legitimately claim that anarchist beliefs could ever include any racist beliefs. Certainly many anarchists (me included) still harbor the residue of racism, classism, homophobia, sexism etc. that comes from being raised in a society like the one we live in, especially when those beliefs support and justify our priviledge.

Yeah 01.Jul.2009 17:02


"When I visited Laughing Horse Books over a year ago, the volunteer on duty (ostensibly Calvert) was spouting off anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Jews running the media and so on."

Also had this experience. I suspect we are not the only ones.

co-ops are not antisemitic by nature 01.Jul.2009 18:03

shalom portland

worker coop member / owner: "If some of us are mutualists I also don't think that this means that antisemitism is part of the package so to speak. I'm not sure that you are claiming that this is the case. I just want to make sure that people are not left with this impression."

Thank you for bringing this up; in no way did i intend to infer that antisemtism was "part of the package" for 99% of co-op members, and neither do I want to leave people with this impression.

I've been a member of numerous worker-owned collectives and co-ops for 15 years, in both Portland (inc 223 Freedom & Mutual Aid Infoshop, Hangover Cafe, People's Co-op and Alberta Food Co-op) and New York City (Park Slope Food Co-op, 4th St Co-op and ABC No Rio community center). In none of these organizations have I ever experienced this perspective first-hand.

However I have read about it in far-Right literature (i write about the far Right), and I know that far Right activists (which seems to include Tim) both hold this perspective and actively work in cooperatives & worker-owned collectives; I just thought it should be raised because of the obvious possibility. He seems pretty taken by the intellectual wing of this movement.

I agree that City Bikes needs to do something - whether it is Antifa's proposal, or something else.

Would any of us keep a Klan member in a collective-business we were part of without comment? And if we did, what would this say about both us and our politics?

Thank you Tim for everything. 03.Jul.2009 03:08

Diego Jones

I thought the guy Tim invited to speak had much that needed to be listened to, especially in this so called community. As a black guy, new to this community, I find this whole discussion insightful and revealing. The speech was about social fascism and the growing threat of political correctness. These are threats that are spreading around the world not just America and Europe. Traditional societies around the world are threatened by these very things. Personally I want to live in a world where people are free to have any wacky belief they want and not have their incomes threatened. I want a world where there are white supremist and black supremist and Zionist and holocaust deniers and jewish lobbies. I want to live in a world in which the battle of ideas is fought not by bombs and sanctions or boycotts but by argument and reason. If a person is racist or anti semetic or homophobic how does it hurt me? Does Tim have a bigger microphone? I am capable of defending myself and I have support from friends and family. Violence and force should be opposed by any means necisary. But words?

I've heard the argument, people are free to hold what ever belief they want and its their responsibility to bear the consequences. Tim I believe is brave enough to bear the consequences. He knww some groups opposed what the speaker had to say and wanted him silenced however, courageously he went forward anyway. Because it needs to be heard no matter who doesn't like it. Some people prefer the 1950's to now, is that a crime, or must that preference be hidden and never spoken about. I personally think integration happened to soon, and blacks needed more time to build up their own economy and social fabric and repair the damage done by slavery and segregation on their own before they integrated freely. Does that put me out of Indy media? I believe that black children do better with both a mother and a father and that too many black men leave their children to negotiate this crazy world by themselves. I believe popular culture has destroyed the fabric of black culture with the pimp culture and creating a generation of women and men who have no idea what commitment or family mean. You'll never ever get any apologies from me regarding anything I say, I may be wrong about everything I'm saying but I will fight for the world in which I can say it.

I will fight for a world in which looking at evidence of the holocaust, or slavery or the supremacy of whoever is encouraged and people decide for themselves after seeing the evidence. Look at the different lobbies and power structures and follow the evidence no matter where it leads. A world in which people go naked, or wear a Burqa no matter who it offends. A world in which people choose to segregate themselves whether its men from women or lesbian and gay only places or white men only places or Muslim only places, freedom of assembly is important to me. If people want to dress up in white hoods and sing strange songs It's the diversity of life which I love and will fight for. Now if those same people in white hoods burn a cross or decide to string up a jew or a black or a white then we got a fight on our hands.

I don't know Tim but I applaud him for his courage, and I beg him not to apologize to any one for any of his beliefs. What the speaker said about Social facism and political correctness needed to be said and the day when a persons lively hood is threatened because of an investigation into a forbidden topic or their intellect has bought them to an unpopular conclusion is the day we are all really proper fucked.

Diego Jones is a black man, and I'm a chicken 03.Jul.2009 12:25

Rhode Island Red

Lyndon LaRouche would be proud.

One possible answer to this odd situation 04.Jul.2009 22:35

|| ||

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments." - Nietzsche.

This method is also known as 'poisoning the well.' But to add to another well-worn phrase, 'please don't throw the 9/11 truth baby out with the disinformation bath water!'

Many who've seriously looked into the evidence about 9/11/2001 agree with or lean toward some form of 'inside job' explanation for what happened that day. Take a hard look at the damning DVD "9/11 Mysteries," or carefully read books like "Crossing the Rubicon" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions." These are almost impeccable in their critical analyses of 9/11/2001 when compared to 'official' conspiracy story sources, and, when combined with looking at everything else investigators can find out about it, feel they have little rational choice other than to see the events of 9/11/2001 as having been some form of 'inside job.' And this isn't even mentioning the fairly recent discovery of nano-thermite chips in WTC tower debris by Steven Jones, et al. <  http://tinyurl.com/dny6mo >

Well, if an 'inside job' was indeed at work, then associating in the public's mind
(a) the 9/11 truth movement
(b) racism and/or other bizarre theories
*precisely* what those who might be covering up any 9/11 'inside job' would want: more cover.

Indeed, they may want this association meme so badly that they try to *make sure* it happens.

Consider this scenario: Provocateurs are put into grassroots, progressive-leaning 9/11 groups, and honest citizen investigators are one by one ousted by incessant personal attacks, harassment, real and faked internecine 'fights,' or just the general negative atmosphere of group meetings. These ousted citizens are quickly replaced by followers of bizarre &/or racist theories and yet more provocateurs. Public figures are invited by the group to speak; some speakers are authentic 9/11 researchers/whistleblowers, others spout bizarre &/or racist theories. The general public, of course, doesn't know which is which in advance but eventually learns to associate the concept of "9/11 truth" with "bizarre &/or racist theories" and subsequently steers clear of anything having to do with "9/11 truth."

It certainly doesn't help that some of the leading exponents of mainstream 9/11 truth seem oblivious to this phenomenon, occasionally even appearing themselves on openly racist talk shows and conferences. But even given that disturbing situation, the evidence for 9/11/2001 having been some form of 'inside job' is simply too overwhelming to brush aside as 'fascist conspiracy mongering.' (But it does make one wonder about the degree of naivete' or ultimate allegiances of said leading exponents....)

Anyway, the irony of this present situation with Tim Calvert, Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, et al may be this:
The expressed anti-Jewish, etc. sentiment is not motivated by actual disdain toward Jews, etc. so much as simply wanting to implement cynical disinformation designed to fracture the 9/11 truth movement both internally and from the 'left/progressive' public.

But whether authentic racism or cynical tactic, allowing oneself to be swayed to believe that the 9/11 truth movement is dominated by ugly racists and bizarre theories is also counter to the facts about the mainstream of that movement. (For just a few examples, see www.911truth.org, www.911blogger.com, www.truthaction.org,  http://stj911.org (Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice), and  http://pl911truth.com (Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth).)

As far as the term 'conspiracy theory' used pejoratively, progressives and allies should take a hard look-and soon-at "Conspiracy Phobia On the Left" by Michael Parenti, who is hardly a wild-eyed radical right-winger (see
www.questionsquestions.net/documents2/conspiracyphobia.html ).
KBOO also recently broadcast a talk Parenti gave about how so many on the left have been led to reflexively dismiss any discussion of conspiracy by those in positions of power.

Also consider this: There really is a sizable percentage of the neo-Nazi, white-supremacist movement who sincerely consider themselves to be environmentalists and even make statements for protecting/living harmoniously with Nature. Suppose a local environmental group was dominated by such people, and suppose it invited speakers of their outlook to give talks about it. Does that mean that progressives and their allies should immediately abandon working for environmental causes or otherwise on behalf of Nature? Of course it doesn't. But by the same token, the racist actions of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance shouldn't mean that progressives and their allies should abandon uncovering and spreading the truth about 9/11/2001.

Why? BECAUSE WIDESPREAD PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS OF 9/11/2001 ENDS THE WARS, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. The attacks of 9/11 were done-in part-to generate and maintain those wars. Widespread willful ignorance/fear/denial of that knowledge by the public, on the other hand, simply maintains the Empire's status quo: endless wars and endless suffering for many, leading to endless profits and endless power for few.

The stakes involved in widespread 9/11-truth knowledge are absolutely enormous; that's why there's such a big disinformation push by those wanting to maintain the coverup and maintain this status quo. Yes, the ramifications of 9/11 truth are deeply disturbing-there's been and continues to be betrayal and manipulation on a large scale (though many doing so no doubt were/are being manipulated/duped by various means), and 9/11 truth itself is only the tip of a very big social pathology iceberg.

Transforming this situation for the better requires widespread knowledge of the actual facts involved. So follow the truth wherever it leads and expose it to light, but-as the situation in Portland is now pointing out-just also be sure to use great care when choosing those to expose it with.

disproportionate 05.Jul.2009 17:32


It's interesting to know about this stuff, but the call to either "boycott City Bikes" or run Calvert out of his job is a way disproportionate response. Some comments in the discussion section here have claimed that Tim has "threatened" people. If there are actual specific threats, something other than inviting a goofy speaker with goofy ideas to speak in Portland, then that's an entirely different matter. But no one has cited any specific evidence against this man other than the incident here.

I have a feeling that there are people who have a long history with Tim and are fed up with his loose-cannon behavior, but maybe no single thing he's done has upset enough people to find a way to get rid of him, and now they are trying to make a big issue of this "racialist" kook he invited to speak. There might be good reasons to be frustrated with him, but a lot of people reading this are also going to be turned off at the thought of running a man out of his livelihood because of no more than one actual incident of inviting a goofy and offensive conspiracy theorist to town.

In short, it would be best if these issues could be dealt with internally inside the collectives within which Tim interacts. It's going to be very hard to successfully resolve these problems otherwise.

Thank you Jesse Mintz and Diego Jones 12.Jul.2009 23:21

L. Young

The intelligent comments of these two are worth more than the rest of the discussion put together. Maybe they'd like to address the 911 group or Pacifica Forum.

Questions for Calvert and his defenders 15.Jul.2009 20:45

Peter Little

In the interest of seeing the 'dialogue' so many have asked for, its nice to see Tim Calvert's recent statement posted here. It actually offers an opportunity to pose clearly some of the questions which the recent hosting of Vladas Anelauskas by Tim and PDX 9/11 Truth have brought up.

Calvert's statement itself, however, seems to dodge the most pertinent issues which his acknowledged organizing and subsequent defense and relocation of an event for Anelauskas have brought forward.

While many of us find anti-semitic views appalling, its actually beside the point either whether Calvert has Jewish friends or whether he believes that he is anti-semitic. The record of his actions stands for itself. Calvert actively worked in building a platform for holocaust denial, despite being warned of the politics of the individual he was promoting ahead of time, and when he was warned, not only defied those who warned him, but accused them of being state agents as a way of avoiding accountabiliy for his actions.

In Calvert's letter of July 13th, he defends his actions, claiming ignorance,"I should say that we were not intimately familiar with all of Anelauskas's views and did not subject his background to heavy scrutiny. When the event was targeted by this outside group, whom we also really don't know, i.e. Rose City Anti-Fascists, we were defiant. "
The statement Calvert references (posted at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/06/392268.shtml on June 25th) in his own letter explicitly points out Aneluaska's holocaust revisionist and white separatist history and views.

Calvert goes on to personally reference the controversy and the document itself in the spoken introduction he gives to Analeuskas' event (which can be seen either at the home page for the Portland 9/11Truth Alliance  http://pdx911truth.org/ or at  http://pdx911truth.org/ or at  link to www.mefeedia.com)

Are we really to believe that despite Calvert's admission in his letter that he was aware of the controversy, and his admission during his introduction to Analeuskas specifically that he was aware of the debate on Portland Indymedia, and that he wasn't aware of Analueskas' politics when he twice organized to move the event after it was twice shut down because of Analeuskas' politics?

Calvert's declaration states that: "I don't deny the horrors of WWII including the Holocaust and the many forgotten details of that time." What does this awkwardly-constructed sentence actually mean? It appears to locate the Holocaust as a subset of "the horrors of WWII" alongside other unspecified "forgotten details". In viewing the Shoah as one horror amongst many in a blur of warfare, Calvert eviscerates its historical meaning and importance, explaining it away as merely a result of World War. Ironically, this itself is a classic Holocaust-denial strategy.

The statement by Calvert actually cites his involvement with the Pacific Forum, but leaves out crucial information about Anelauskas, about the history of the Pacifica Forum in Eugene, the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, and Calvert's own complicity in Anelauskas' fascist speaking engagement. The declaration states that members of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance "went to Eugene and met him [Anelauskas] after a Pacifica Forum event. The Pacifica forum itself has been under attack from various players, including the Southern Poverty Law Center."

The Pacifica Forum was reported on by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) due to its repeated hosting of Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic and fascist speakers. Apart from Anelauskas himself--who Rose City Antifa has already written about and who is a central player in the Pacifica Forum—individuals who have been hosted by the Pacifica Forum over the past two years include:

Mark Weber, head of the Holocaust-denial organization the Institute for Historical Review, and a former member of the neo-nazi National Alliance organization.

David Irving, a neo-fascist who is one of the world's most notorious Holocaust-deniers.

Tomislav Sunic, an anti-Semitic author who collaborates with the racist Council of Conservative Citizens as well as the "American Renaissance" group.

Although the SPLC deserves criticism and has at times have politically mischaracterized its opponents--it is clear that the Pacifica Forum is a grouping which promotes anti-Semitism, and that the group itself has not been mischaracterized in this instance. As well as Anelauskas, a frequent participant in Pacifica Forum gatherings during 2008 was Jimmy Marr, last seen protesting alongside the National Socialist Movement in Medford, OR.

There can be no plausible denial that the Portland 9/11 Truth group was not fully aware of the nature of Anelauskas' presentation. Regarding the speaker himself, the organization did not need to "subject his background to heavy scrutiny" to know about his politics—a simple Google search would suffice. Besides, Calvert and his organization had more than enough information about Anelauskas when Laughing Horse was asked to cancel the event. Again-Calvert acknowledges his awareness of the debate already occurring on Portland Indymedia when he introduces Anelauskas and explains why the event was moved twice. Its there, on video, at the PDX 9/11 Truth website.

When the Anelauskas event was cancelled at Laughing Horse, Calvert purposefully lied to others that the Portland date had been entirely called off. Calvert was adamant that the event would go on, and labeled his critics as "Zionists" and even state agents. If Calvert or any of the other event organizers had criticisms of Anelauskas, they were certainly not revealed at Anelauskas' speaking engagement. In fact, Calvert gave a glowing introduction to Anelauskas, and stayed entirely silent as Anelauskas argued for fascist political stances. While in Portland for the event, Anelauskas stayed at Calvert's house.

It is ludicrous that Rose City Antifa should be asked to have a dialog with Calvert. Rose City Antifa is, as the name implies, an anti-fascist and anti-racist organization. It does not exist to coddle anti-Semitic organizers, or those who insist on propagandizing for and giving a platform to fascists. This is the heart of the debate here. Not whether Calvert has Jewish friends, of considers himself and antisemite. The answer which Calvert has avoided, and which is needed from Calvert, is whether he thinks it is acceptable to use so-called,"free-speech," to provide a platform for the views promoted in Analeuskas' talk.
In Calvert's public letter, he states,"The 9-11 Truth group has a fairly long history of taking on controversial issues and positions. The group has invited other speakers that it has not agreed with. I would say that the 9-11 group values Free Speech in the highest way, as we have watched the narrative of the 9-11 attacks " Calvert should be clear-does he think it was acceptable to provide a platform or these politics, or will he join in condemning them not only within the left, but within our society as a whole?

Calvert says ,"In summary, I do not agree with most of Valdas Anelauskas's politics, some of which I agree is offensive. Does this mean he never makes any good points? He was invited to talk about the Frankfurt School and he did so. " I'd actually press Calvert to clarify what WAS good about Analeuskas' presentation. I've watched it, and its pretty solidly anti-Semitic conspiracy theory laced with anti-woman, anti-queer, and racist overtones. Theres not much else there.

By claiming to be the victim of a "smear campaign" Calvert is actually smearing those who have brought the details of his involvement in this organizing event to light. It should be noted that the event is still promoted and can be watched via the website of the PDX 9/11 Truth grouping that Calvert speaks so fondly of in his own defense.

If Calvert wishes to make amends, then he should begin by actually taking responsibility for his actions and ceasing to tell lies. If Calvert really believes he made a mistake, he should be clear about it-his vague response so far leaves more questions than answers.

Glad to hear from Tim 15.Jul.2009 22:58


At last we get to hear from Tim in his own words. I raised this question quite early in this ongoing discussion.

As a long-time feminist social justice activist, it saddens me greatly to see yet another example of what the late Black feminist attorney and activist termed "horizontal hostility",meaning attacking each other instead of focusing on the real issues. Horizontal hostility can lead to in-fighting,which can be very destructive personally and politically. In addition,the Right is delighted when we fight among ourselves,as we then are distracted from our on-going social change work.

Personal attacks have no place in constructive dialog.I am appalled at the ones I've read on this site in general,and in this discussion in particular.

Let's stick to the facts,folks.