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Christian Identity Movement Shut Down in Binghamton, NY

Antifascists Shut Down Christian Identity Movement in Binghamton, NY
On June 20th Christian Identity members thought they were going to show up to the American Legion on Main St in Binghamton, NY to hear a speech by racist, homophobe, anti-semite, and holocaust denier, Eli James of the Church of Anglo-Saxon Israel. He believes, among other things, that people of color are a pre-human race and that Jews are the spawn of Eve and the serpent (or satan for those that are unfamiliar with the reference) in the garden of eden. Therefore, they think that white Europeans are the chosen race to fight god's race war to take control of America (or the chosen land) during armageddon. You may think that this sounds crazy, and it does, but this "religion" has spawned such groups as the Aryan Nation and the National Alliance, among others, who engage in murder, robbery and assault against people they perceive as inferior. Christian Identity members have broken into the news recently by shooting up the Holocaust Museum and a series of synagogues in the past month.

Antifascists gathered in Binghamton and within an hour had obtained information on the meeting location, the American Legion. After a flurry of phone calls to the media, community organizations and the American Legion we heard that they were going to cancel their event and that the organizers were going to be turned away at the doors. Just in case this was a bluff, we had called in reinforcements to back us up. When we arrived we saw a large amount people standing on the front porch of the building, we went to call the American Legion and received conformation that the event had been canceled. The crew of antifascists cautiously approached the group on the porch to find that they were a group of Legion members who had been called to the building in case the racists caused a problem and they assured us that it had been taken care of. We called the "reinforcements" and told them the good news. After shaking hands and exchanging "thank you"s we moved back to a dry spot and called "Pastor" Eli James (little does he know he gave us all the info we had about the event, bet he's wondering who the mole is) and he confirmed that they had been turned away and were leaving the area completely.

This is now the second attempt of white supremacists to meet in upstate New York that has been decisively shut down, they tried to meet last week in Albany and the only Nazi that decided to show was treated to a pummeling of fists and flag poles. Racist and other far right wing organizations have been getting increasingly large and active in the past year. We need to draw a line in the sand right now. These are not just racist ideologues, these are all potential racist attacks waiting to happen. To stop them is a community wide effort, and cannot be accomplished in one demonstration. This is a society built on slavery and genocide and that does not just disappear. But antifascism is about solidarity, community self-defense, and making it very fucking clear that racists and fascists will not be allowed in Binghamton again!

Solidarity Means Attack!

- Binghamton Antifascist Action and assorted other anarchists, antifascists, and militant community members