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VIDEO: Iraqi Food Festival

A short video out-take of the Iraq Food Festival in Portland Oregon
Iraqi Food Festival 2009 Portland Oregon
Iraqi Food Festival 2009 Portland Oregon
Here is the 4 minute video from the SE Portland Iraqi Food Festival

There was music, sharing, food, and community building in the street.
The food was prepared by local Iraqi families and shared with everyone.

Zahra organized this event and has a website here:

I will post a longer version video from this event, later on this same Indy Media page

Cheers to the Iraqi people 22.Jun.2009 10:06


This is so inspiring. I am heartened that the Iraqi people in Portland are not angry with Americans for bombing their country, killing their citizens and destroying their infrastructure. Oh and making refugees out of a million or so of them. Obviously they are a forgiving and peace loving people. Let's hope that spirit infests the US government. Thanks for doing this.