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hint of any upcoming strike? Using Racism
I, as a traditional shopper of that VONS location: had my back against a VONS employee (found to be a checker, during complaint process). Whom came walking up against me. (as I was not aware of that employee)
His deliberate hard bumping against my shoulder, from his body.
To test how deliberate this was, I quietly said a single word; he did react to it, via immediately go to his boss.
But all the neg attention come to me; rather than to the employee/checker -- whom began it all.
I got immediately terminated in shopping from that store, via the testimony ONLY allowed of the employee/checker.

Safeway-VONS is a lagging seemingly biggot business, protective of the inner store personnel.
VONS-SAFEWAY is more pro-union, than others.
This may be a sign that a VONS-Safeway Union Strike be coming.
As it is a sign that VONS-Safeway is RACIST.
How is VONS-Safeway against those to/with those Disabled that are not visually seen?