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Let Live Conference in a week!

Animals belong to themselves, not to us. They should not suffer in our systems of food, science, entertainment and fashion. Instead, they should live free of the tyranny we put upon them. But they cannot claim this freedom alone. The Let Live NW Animal Rights Conference is a grassroots forum for people who want to help. Through an open, respectful, and friendly environment this conference will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn skills and strategies to become better advocates for the animals, no matter ones experience level in activism.
This conference is for first-timers, experienced activists, and anybody in between who hopes to make a real difference for animals and build a stronger, more effective community and animal liberation movement. This conference is for anybody who wants to live and let live.

"Let Live" is taking place in Portland, Oregon, June 26th-28th, 2009. It will be held this year on the campus of Portland State University in the Smith Memorial Building. It is being organized by Vegans for Animal Advocacy, with support from Let Live Foundation as well as local area businesses such as Herbivore Clothing, and Food Fight Grocery. Much more info to come soon, please check back often and subscribe to the blog to stay up to date. Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. See you soon.


* Nick Atwood (Biteback)
* Gene Baur (Farm Sanctuary)
* Jeremy Beckham (PrimateLabs.com)
* Stephanie Boston (Portland Animal Defense League)
* Jenny Brown (Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary)
* Gedden Cascadia (Portland Animal Defense League)
* Glenn Gaetz (Liberation BC)
* Christine Garcia, The Animal Law Office
* Justin Goodman (PETA)
* David Hayden (No Compromise)
* Camille Hankins (Win Animal Rights)
* Nik Hensey (No Compromise)
* Tim Hitchens, (Let Live Foundation)
* Karen Hixson, Connect
* Josh Hooten (Herbivore Clothing, Let Live Foundation)
* Ramona Ilea
* Jenn Kaplan, attorney
* Cheryl Leahy (Compassion Over Killing)
* J Johnson (Chicago Animal Defense League)
* Melanie Joy (Strategic Action for Animals)
* Shannon Keith (Behind the Mask / Uncaged Films)
* Andrea Lindsay (SHAC7 Support, No Compromise)
* Kim McCoy (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)
* Erica Meier (Compassion Over Killing)
* Pulin Modi (PETA2)
* Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author
* Jeph Nor (Portland Animal Defense League)
* lauren Ornelas (Food Empowerment Project)
* Jami Pannell, attorney
* Emily Pepe (NWVeg)
* Will Potter (Green Is The New Red)
* Marsha Rakestraw (NWVeg)
* Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center)
* Craig Rosebraugh (author, Burning Rage of a Dying Planet)
* Matt Rossell (In Defense of Animals)
* Nathan Runkle (Mercy for Animals)
* Jasmin Singer (Farm Sanctuary)
* Peter Spendelow (NWVeg)
* Stu Sugarman, attorney
* Peter Young (former animal liberation prisoner)
* + a pile of local activists chiming in and helping out

Get yourself registered @ letlivefoundation.org

homepage: homepage: http://letlivefoundation.org

Whoah! 21.Jun.2009 17:54

Let Live Foundation info@letlivefoundation.org

Hold on there! That was not a posting from anybody from Let Live, just to be clear. So... yeah. We are actually having a family room this year, where people and their kids can hang out and there will be family oriented talks and stuff going on. Trying our best to help out everybody we can and include everyone, with kids or without. Hope to see you there.

Yay for Let Live! 21.Jun.2009 20:40


I can't wait! I'll be there, and so will my offspring. Thanks!

Another note on the conference. 22.Jun.2009 09:50

Chad / Let Live chad@letlivefoundation.org

Hey, I try to normally not get involved in all the little flare ups and petty stuff that seems to plague the interweb, but... here I go.

A big part of what we hope to accomplish with the conference is to aid a bit in community building. Not that we expect everybody to be BFFs, but we do need to all not focus so much on the differences. Not enough folks who give a shit out there to keep knocking each other down. Without writing an essay (still lots to work on to prepare for this weekend), here's an excerpt of an email we sent out to our speakers regarding the conference, might be a little appropriate.

"We wanted to send you all a quick note about what we're hoping to see happen at the conference. At our weekly meetings we've been talking a lot about the type of experience and environment we're trying create for attendees and for you all, the speakers. One thing we hope to demonstrate at the conference is that despite the differences we might have in our approaches, or tactics, or tone, we're all unified in our underlying belief that animals deserve our respect and do not deserve to be exploited. We hope to show attendees that we all have much more in common than not, and though we don't all agree all of the time, we are a community who care about each other and have respect for each other. We also hope to show attendees that working together when possible can get us further than not.

We've brought together folks from very different quarters of the animal rights movement in the hope that attendees will be able to learn about as wide a variety of approaches as possible. We've also put together several sessions for speakers from different quarters to intersect and share stories. Namely the "That just happened" session at the end of the day Saturday where a very diverse bunch of you will share funny stories you've collected over your years as activists. We hope this will highlight the things we have in common and that similar experiences have helped shape us. And then of course Friday night at the social event we have karaoke and there is no greater equalizer than karaoke. Have you picked out your song yet? Chad has, AND HE'S BEEN PRACTICING.

We've also tried not to overwork you all with too many talks. This was done in the hope that when you aren't giving your talks you would make yourselves available to attendees who might not be comfortable asking questions in a big group. We also hope to see you all attending other speakers talks and joining in the conversations that go on. We hope the gap between speaker and attendee doesn't seem too daunting for folks and everybody is comfortable speaking up or starting conversations.

Our hope for Let Live is that we create an event full of community building for attendees as well as speakers, and unity amongst all of us in the face of our daunting task to end animal exploitation. This goal shouldn't be hard to reach. Let's all work together, communicate openly, and collaborate to create an environment that will send the attendees (and ourselves) home inspired and fired up for the work ahead."

Ok, so... maybe it'll help, maybe not. We're trying our best and hope you will too.

chad / let live
ps. Sorry if this is rambling and makes no sense, I'm all jacked up on coffee and these kinds of dramas seem like such energy wasters for the movement.
pps. Peep the schedule, it's pretty great I think.  http://www.letlivefoundation.org/conf-schedule/