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VIDEO: Torture Protest-Impeach ByBee Vigil - Right-Wingnut Fraternity Message

A 10 min. video from the Impeach ByBee protest in downtown Portland.
A rightwing guy comes alomg the sidewalk and gets pushy with his rhetoric.
Torture Protest ByBee Impeach Indy Media
Torture Protest ByBee Impeach Indy Media
the anti torture protest is interrupted with a right wing fraternity message

this was filmed in Portland Oregon in front of the Regional Courthouse where Judge ByBee sits

judge ByBee signed "The torture memos"


"The Individuals For Justice" who attend this weekly protest, want him "Impeached"
for paving the way for the use of torture methods he approved!

This video to me shows some of the frustration of dealing with a system of (sic)Government that approves and uses torture.
And it highlights the apathy of average americans to give a shit about what is happening before us.

Next week is a "nation wide protest" over this very topic - same place same time of day, for the one here in Portland
(in front of Pioneer Square Courthouse) Thursday 12:00 - 2:00PM

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