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Venezulea: Truth, Lies, and Revolution

I just returned from Venezulea with a global exchange
delegation centered on community organizing. I am working on a larger
documentary based on the Bolivarian revolution and will return to
Venezulea later this year. In the meantime I completed a 10 Youtube
version that features the David Rovics song "Song for Hugo Chavez".

Here is the Youtube link to "Truth Lies and Revolution"

Here is the Youtube link to my Youtube page.
Can we be honest with each other for just a minute?
Capitalism is destroying humanity and the planet.

Yes! I realize that using the "C" word will alienate some people almost immediately, but I am confident that most of you have evolved beyond the negative knee jerk reaction to open criticism of the sacred cow (aka capitalism) that most of us were indoctrinated with in the US public and parochial school systems.
The reality is this. What we are living through is a global economic crisis of a systemic and structural character and not just one more cyclical crisis. Those who think that this crisis will be resolved with an injection of fiscal money and with some regulatory measures are very mistaken.

Capitalism has provoked an ecological crisis by subordinating the necessary conditions for life on this planet to the domination of the market and profit. The global economic, climate change, food and energy crises are products of the decadence of capitalism that threatens to put an end to the existence of life and the planet.

To avoid this outcome it is necessary to develop a viable working alternative to that of the capitalist system. This is why in my view the success of the Bolivarian revolution at this time in our history is of the greatest importance not just to the future of Latin America, but to the future of humanity itself.
As many of you know I just returned from Venezuela as part of a Global Exchange delegation and was deeply impacted by what I saw and what I learned. I was most impressed with how politically engaged the people were. Everyone had an opinion. You could feel the power of the grassroots everywhere. We met with opposition representatives, went to schools, hospitals, clinics, community television, and several barrios throughout Caracas and the Barlomento area. We attended community council meetings, witnessed pre-school and adult education programs, met Cuban and Venezuelan doctors, and viewed the effectiveness of the government run food stores where staples like rice and beans are less than 50% of market value.

Hugo Chávez promised to speed up "the construction of true socialism" in Venezuela and he has done just that by exploding the barriers to a permanent socialist revolution which is making it's way though all of Latin America.
Chávez has already taken control of the country's vast oil wealth, expropriated private landholdings and businesses and instituted a program of deep social reforms. Venezuela is no longer controlled by the transnationals, the IMF, North American imperialism, or the domestic elites. The transformation of that society has begun and the masses have tasted liberty. There is no going back.

It is my view that all progressive minded people who care about people and the planet, need to support what is happening in Venezulea, Bolivia, Peru and beyond. Don't allow the corporate media or good intentioned liberals to sway you with fears of the evils of socialism and communism.

Thanks for the information 19.Jun.2009 16:33

Joe Anybody pdxvenezuela@joe-anybody.com

Hey Steve

Thanks for the first hand information from Venezuela!

I am going there with a dozen activists in September!

Our group will be a "peace and media" delegation

Exciting stuff going on that we all need to share and discuss

Hope to talk over details soon

Here is our delegations website link:

pdxVenezuela 2009
pdxVenezuela 2009