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HATE crimes commited Saturday June 13th please let people know

By now many of you may have heard what happend after Blowpony Saturday night. Unfortunately, one of the people who was physically assualted and then received negligent treatment from the Portland police afterward. Right now, I'm planning on going to the Sexual Minorities Roundtable meeting on July 14th to talk about my experience. Below is a copy of the statement that I plan on reading there. If anyone would like to come, would love the support.
Hate Crimes on Saturday June 13th in PDX please repost.
Body: By now many of you may have heard what happend after Blowpony Saturday night. Unfortunately, I was one of the people who was physically assualted and then received negligent treatment from the Portland police afterward. Right now, I'm planning on going to the Sexual Minorities Roundtable meeting on July 14th to talk about my experience. Below is a copy of the statement that I plan on reading there. If anyone would like to come, I would love the support.

It is with a heavy heart and a bruised face that I write this letter but I think it's important that my experience be known.
In the early morning hours of Sunday June 14th, I was the victim of a hate crime on the corner of NW 6th and Couch. This happened outside of Casey's, a gay bar where I am a dj and it was 2:30 in the morning, after the bar had closed.
When I came outside to make my way home, I saw that a friend of mine was talking with the Portland Police. She had been punched in the face by a man who had been spouting homophobic remarks at her and another friend of mine. Her nose was broken and the police had arrived to investigate this crime. While I was watching this interaction, a group of men approached the scene also shouting homophobic remarks. I walked up to them to ask them to leave the area and the next thing I remember, I was on the ground with my mouth bleeding. I didn't really know or understand what had happened. I had been punched in the mouth and knocked out.
The Portland Police department, who was on the scene, was completely negligent to my situation. They talked to the guy who said I had started it, yet there wasn't a scratch on him and I was the one on the ground bleeding. As I was sitting on the ground, the police officers refused to let a friend of mine bring me ice for my face, threatening to arrest him if he attempted to approach me. Three police officers were standing over me, firing questions at me in a harsh, aggressive manner. Having been the victim of hate crimes in the past and feeling extremely confused, hurt, and threatened, I went into shock and was unable to answer their questions. They responded to this by rolling their eyes at each other and laughing, implying that my response to this trauma was ridiculous. Even though two of my friends who witnessed the incident were able to tell the police what happened, they refused to do anything about it because I was unable to talk. Not once did they offer to provide medical attention to me or my injuries. They ended up leaving me there with a friend and the guy who did this was still in the area. When my friend asked if we could get a ride home, they responded with "We're not a taxi service" as they walked away from us. Luckily we were able to get back into the bar and wait for a cab.

The lack of compassion and negligent response from the Portland Police Department is not isolated to my situation. In fact, earlier in the evening, people on the balcony above the bar had thrown several objects onto patrons of the bar who were outside smoking. These items included glass bottles, cups of urine, and many homophobic and hateful and violent remarks. The police had come to the bar due to capacity concerns and refused to acknowledge the dangerous situation that was happening outside of the bar. They actually demanded that we refuse re-entry to the bar, keeping the bar patrons outside and in the line of danger.
On Sunday afternoon, the same day, a friend of mine, a transgender woman, was assaulted on Portland public transportation. Her assailant made homophobic and transphobic remarks and physically pushed her. The police came and found the man who did this but when she asked to file a report, they essentially refused to let her, claiming that it wasn't necessary because the man was intoxicated.
The man who broke my friend's nose was quickly arrested, handcuffed, and placed in the police car while the police were asking my friend questions about what happened. The man that punched me was talked to while leaning against his car and let go shortly after. The man who punched my friend was black and the man who punched me was white. I also find this extremely problematic. While I'm grateful that the man who punched my friend was apprehended, I don't feel like the two assailants were treated in the same manner and it's hard for me to believe that race had nothing to do with it.
Again, I don't feel like these are isolated incidents but that there is a larger problem at hand here. At minimum, this is a training issue. This is something that needs to be addressed immediately and seriously by not only the police department but by the entire community. It's time that the Portland police stop allowing hate crimes to happen. It's time that the Portland police show some compassion and understanding to all of Portland's residents. If the Portland police are unable or unwilling to do this, it's time we as community members hold them accountable and let them know that their negligence will not be tolerated.

On another note we all need to unify and stand up for each of our community family members, less then two months earlier I was attacked and punched in the face just outside the door of our club by a male who was harassing queer men & women who were outside for fresh air and to have a smoke, this male was from the top floor apt where many cups of urine, beer and glass bottles were thrown down upon people standing outside this past Saturday, he was arrested and I'm still waiting for my day in court?
I think it's very important we don't give up ground and that we all stand together on this and all other attacks, we need to hold a discussion and I plan personally holding a demo on the corner where Jose, Heather, and Kayenne were attacked anyone care to join me?


insensitive pricks! 17.Jun.2009 21:46


I am appalled (but not all that surprised) by the behavior of the cops in the situations described here! I'm also amazed that I didn't hear about this. I'm not deeply entrenched in the queer community but I was at Pride, in the parade and at a party afterwards and didn't hear shit about this. Is it because this kind of crap has become so typical that people don't talk about it or is it that people are just unaware? I agree with you. People need to know and the police need to be confronted. Please post an announcement of any demo you may have. You can also write to the contact address, imc-portland-requests(AT)lists.indymedia.org, when you're in the planning stages for any such demo for publicity assistance.


Another account from earlier in the night 18.Jun.2009 08:05

repost from qpdx blog

Pride weekend violence - what's going on, queer Portland?
By perrywinkle
Stop hate and violence in and towards our community

Pride is over, our hangovers have subsided, the messes have mostly been cleaned up - but what remains is the foul aftertaste of violence, harassment and threats towards individuals in our community. This is new - what is going on, queer Portland?

The first act of violence during the extended Pride weekend was witnessed at the E Room - where a scuffle/fight broke out at the Gender Bender night. I have heard accounts of the scuffle starting in the Karaoke room, but more than one person mentioned they witnessed a fight in the parking lot. I'm hoping we'll be able to get an eyewitness account of the happenings. The other acts of violence and harassment took place on Saturday and Sunday, most of them tied to the Blow Pony / Police / Neighbour fiasco that unfolded. I was present at the venue at the time, so for all those who are interested, here is what happened. For all of you who have never been to Blow Pony before, it is held in a ground level bar called Casey's, with an extra bar/dance floor in a downstairs room called The Eagle Underground. Above Casey's are apartments.

Most of the trouble seems to have been caused by upstairs neighbours, who allegedly punched one of the event organizers (Airick) in the face and called him a faggot last month. These neighbours had decided to aggravate the usual Blow Po crowds that congregate on the sidewalk to cool off, smoke and chat, by throwing beer and other drinks (I also heard someone say it might have been urine) one people's heads from their windows.

As a result, partygoers told their friends to not go outside the venue - and then someone called the police (my guess it was likely the upstairs neighbours), who sent a very excitable and bullish officer to the scene, who promptly informed the venue they were over capacity (which Casey's/Eagle Underground says they were not).
Partygoers who went outside (or even just stuck their head outside) were told they couldn't re-enter the venue, even with stamps, regardless if they had friends or bags or wallets or drinks inside. The police officer seemed intent on making things worse by shouting at the mass of people through his trusty megaphone from five feet away, instead of addressing the beer-throwing-name-calling situation from above. Tempers started to flare, with people accusing the police and the Blo Po staff of exacerbating the situation. One patron even started shouting at Airick, accusing him of intentionally ripping off patrons, forcing them to pay cover and then not letting them in the venue.

It was clear that most people were hot, mad, and drunk - at one point, it felt a bit like Stonewall 1969, and I have no doubt that if more people were outside and there had been a heavier police presence it would have come to blows. (pun not intended). I also saw people from Blow Po ringing the bells of the apartment upstairs to try and deal with the neighbours - I heard of fights breaking out around the area, people being called names, harassed, insulted, and allegedly someone got their nose broken. I have also heard that the police were unresponsive to these incidents and didn't do anything to protect the victims from these attacks. I do not know how and where this happened, so hopefully we will get more information soon.
Police - treat us with respect!

Police - treat us with respect!

The very excited police officer clearly was more intent on kicking people out of Blow Pony and showed little sensitivity to the fact that people were being harassed by the neighbours, but eventually, after enough people told him to DO SOMETHING, he marched upstairs with an excited grin on his face. (I am not making this up. He was very much enjoying himself, it seemed). At that very same moment, the World Naked Bike Ride passed by on Burnside a block or two away, which ostensibly drew patrons away from the venue, and helped defuse a chaotic and charged situation outside of Blow Pony, and at this point I was able to sneak in the venue. I found it to be half empty - most of the partiers weren't even aware of the trouble outside. Things calmed down both inside and out, and we kicked it Blo Po style until 2am.

The next incidents of harassment and violence happened at the waterfront and surrounding areas. QPDX.com and some homies were chillin like villians with some beers at the waterfront when a patron and her dog bumped into a group of friends that obviously had some prior beef - there was violent shoving, there were names called, and the group threatened to "wait outside the gates until she comes out" and apparently, beat up the patron with the dog.

On Sunday, a friend of mine was verbally assaulted and threatened in the Pearl by a drunk man, while standing with some friends and a young child. The man insisted on shaking the child's hand, and when my friend and the child's mother resisted, he got aggressive, demanding to know whether my friend is gay, threatening her and called her names. When the police were called, they stated that a report did not need to be filed because "he was being taken into detox".
Gays are not targets - treat us equal damnit

Gays are targets enough - end queer on queer violence damnit!

And these are only abbreviated experiences of everyone involved and there are probably other acts of violence that I didn't know about or hear about. But what becomes evident is that despite the fact that we live in a queer-friendly bubble here in Portland, queerphobia and transphobia surround us all, and can strike violently at any time. The police do not have a history of being supportive of queer people - and what I witnessed this weekend was definitely not a passing grade in terms of police conduct. But what also saddens me is the amount of queer on queer violence and anger: Are we really "waiting for people outside the gates" to beat them up? Are we fighting in parking lots at fundraising events for an individual in our community? Really? Really?

Maybe it's time to take off our party hats and go back to some grass roots organizing. Maybe it's time for us to realize that queer people are under attack - and I don't mean DOMA, I don't mean Prop 8, I mean right here in our fair city. We can have a big parade - but we can't get the police to treat us like equals when others assault us.

I have heard rumblings of these kinds of sentiments around our community and there is talk of workshops, a town hall meeting and some old-fashioned queer activism. I will post more as soon as I know it, but the tides are definitely turning, make no mistake.

Gay bashing at Blow Pony 19.Jun.2009 22:40


Caption reads "Heather after being Gay Bashed in Portland Oregon during gay pride weekend, 2 separate hate crimes happened just feet away and moments away from where Heather stood bleeding! NO MORE! WE HAVE TO GATHER AND MAKE CHANGE!"

This needs stoped 27.Apr.2011 10:54


OK,something like this shows how stupid and ignorant people really are. I am so sorry that all happend to you, things like this need stoped.