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Albany: Gang of Queers Beat Nazi Ass

We found 41 year old "Spanish Blue Blood," a self proclaimed "stormtrooper" of the National Socialist Movement and senior moderator of the NSM's official party forum, sitting on a bus bench waiting for a crew that never showed... [And beat his ass]
Gang of queers force Nazi out of Albany Pride march.
The second he saw us he split for the street
but didn't get far til we caught up with him and gave him what he deserved.

"Spanish Blue Blood," who lives in the Colonie area of Albany, had been trying for weeks to draw up enough people to stage a counter protest of Albany's Capital Pride march but apparently he couldn't even get a single person out. He recently celebrated his 41st birthday on June 9th so we delivered some belated gifts-in the form of tightly
balled fists. The gang beat him until the cops showed and we made our way back into the park with no arrests.

-A motley crew of queers, anti-fascists, and anarchists


story 03.Jul.2009 00:05


For the sake of accuracy, please note that this event took place in Albany NY, not Albany Oregon. Apparently there is some confusion on that.