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Solidarity with Iran students rallys

Are there any solidarity rallys planned to show support?
Are there any solidarity rallys planned to show support to those in the streets, and to honor those who's lives were taken from them last night?

Ahmadinejad Is Who Iranians Want 16.Jun.2009 11:43


Not the U.S./NATO selected puppet Mousavi

Food for thought... 16.Jun.2009 16:47


For anyone interested in what some of the Iranian leftists think about the election issues here is a link to a recently published issue of the Worker-communist Party of Iran's paper addressing their feelings on the issue.


Of course you may not have 100% ideological agreement with the communist party, nor do I, however it is the nearest ideological affinity I have with any publication, by people that actually have first hand understanding of Iranian politics, that I have found to still be operating.

Oops... Wrong Link 16.Jun.2009 16:52


Sorry that was the wrong link here's the PDF:


! you have it wrong 16.Jun.2009 18:00

son of Zarthosht

Ahmadinedjad is the CIA's man in Iran.

Read James Risens book. CIA has been backing that regime since its inception.

People are too naive on this indy site.

We couldn't even show solidarity 16.Jun.2009 19:39


When our own Constitution was raped by the very cartel that screwed up the planet for at least a hundred years. If we could not stage even a small protest, when the election was flat assed stolen, what makes you think we can now show support for people who actually have the guts to take on their oppressors? Nah, we are going back to watching sitcoms, if we can get any of our t.v.s to work, after the FCC sold us out.

hmmmm 16.Jun.2009 19:46

the confused philosopher

Ahmadinedjad is the CIA's man in Iran.
Mousavi is the CIA's man in Iran too.

Now the public should understand the Motto of the al CIAduh agency,

Heads I Win,
Tails You Lose

Iran Solidarity Vigil Friday 17.Jun.2009 14:21

passing it on

Please join us this Friday in solidarity with Iran

Please Forward Widely...

We are a group of Iranian Americans from the Portland Metropolitan area and from Vancouver, WA. We are heartbroken by the violence inflicted upon the Iranian people. We are also tremendously proud of our fellow Iranians for their perseverance and non-violent presence in the streets demanding change and justice. We invite you to join us for a silent vigil in solidarity with our courageous sisters and brothers who have been protesting ever since the election results were announced and their will was disregarded. 

Silent Vigil in Solidarity with the People of Iran
Friday, June 19 at 7:00pm
in front of the Portland State University Library
at SW Hall in the SW Park Blocks 

We request not to display flags, political party affiliations or offensive slogans in order to focus on our message of unity with the people of Iran and our commitment to non-violence and free and fair elections.
Please bring candles in containers and flowers.

No Iran War 19.Jun.2009 11:45

Gimme a break

"We are a group of Iranian Americans from the Portland Metropolitan area...."

Oh. You mean like that "group of Iraqi women" who mysteriously appeared in Pioneer square about 18 years ago, dressed in "traditional" garb and showing lurid photographs of dead babies in unplugged incubators? Like that?

Because that was a fabricated lie, courtesy of Perception Management. Thanks anyway, not buying.

are we planning anything for thursday? 22.Jun.2009 17:13


I read on facebook that there are to be global rallies in solidarity this next Thursday (that would be 25 June, 2009). I am wondering if there will be anything here in P town.

right. 23.Jun.2009 21:48


"I read on facebook..."

Yeh. Sure you did. ..."Adeline."