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Continuing Colonial Inquisiton

Peruvian Police shooting Amazon Indigenous people -- 84 dead.
Continuing Colonial Inquisition

The colonial government of Peru, in cooperation with the governments of Occupied Turtle Island, Canada and the U.S., has ordered the National Police to attack and kill the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The people were shot from building windows, rooftops and helicopters.
The Peruvian military is standing by to be deployed.

The Indigenous peoples of Peru have been protesting the free trade agreements for 52+ days, policies that would allow national and multi-national corporations to destroy their lands. The attacks began one day after the Peruvian Congress decided to review the laws that would
allow them to sell Indigenous territories.

At this writing 84 people are dead, including 10 police officers, who were killed by spears as they began their attack.
The police are not only attacking the Indigenous people, they are also attacking non-natives in the cities of Bagua Grande and Bagua Chica.
There are many deaths but the Peruvian mainstream medias are only reporting on the deaths of the police.

The Peruvian police say that they have killed a local Indigenous leader, Santiago Manuig Valera (Awajun-Wampis), and the police are refusing Indigenous requests to return his body.

Jose Sanchez, the head of the Policia del Nacional del Peru (PNP), said that the Indigenous people started the violence and the police responded to restore law and order.

Alan Garcia, the president of Peru, in a televised address, accused the Indigenous people for the violence, saying "They want to play a revolution game, that the heroic police forces fell in defending the nation, and added that he most likely will send in the military to assist the police." The Peruvian government is also claiming that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is behind the Indigenous resistance.
Peru minister Mauricio Mulder called the Indigenous protesters "terrorists". Primer Minister Jose Garcia Belaunde has denied that there were not previous consultations with Indigenous peoples, which is a lie.

An Indigenous leader, Alberto Pizango has said that the Amazonian people will continue to fight against the Peruvian forces, who are committing genocide against the Indigenous peoples.

Check video here
Part of the massive Indigenous demostrations in Peru.