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Youth taken to jail for ascerting his rights

cops suck
At 2pm , June 8th, officer Fort (Portland Po'lice) took an attendee of the Anarchist bookfair to jail. The initial reason for harrassing the backpacked youth was an alleged incident of "jaywalking." Officer Fort, presumably a strict adherent to pedestrial traffic signage himself, then demanded that identification be produced.

The youth identified himself but refused to produce ID. The cop then handcuffed him and tried to trick him into allowing a search of his bag. The youth refused to consent to a search, but the cop took things, including his pocket-organizer, out of his pants anyway, and looked through it to determine his address. They're not supposed to do that.

The cop then took his ass to jail where he was put in solitary confinement for about 4 hours for refusing to submit to a search. He was fingerprinted, and held for about 6 hours. Upon release, he learned that his belongings, including his sleeping gear, were being held in the "property evidence division," which was far away in the northwest, and closed at 4pm...meaning he would be without his survival gear overnight and have a long trek to retrieve his belongings that were stolen by the cops the next day.

Civil Rights 11.Jun.2009 13:30

Joe Anybody

Somebody "broke the law" and it wasn't the kid who j-walked

The pat down "frisk" is suppose to be for weapons (safety check) only

Not giving a name *can result into a visit* to the database at the station

Did this happen close to the 'book fair' (just curious)

The property release (sham) happens all to much here in Portland

I'm sure there are some good belly chuckles coming from those that delight in distilling trouble with "all-those" who need there stuff back (returned) but cant get it for a few days.

Thugs 11.Jun.2009 14:42

Den Mark, Vancouver

This story turns my gut. It's pathetic that portland's city council remains okay with thugs posing as cops.

protecting democracy 18.Jun.2009 09:04

pawlitzer prize winner

Cops are thugs. Are you able to hear the pounding of their jackboots, goosestepping to enforce their
democractic authority?
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