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forest defense

The benefit for the bus named Cool is tonight!

From state and federal forest protection, to Global Warming, from stopping LNG, to equal rights for our diverse ethnic communities, from Peace rallies and political campaigns, to lobbying days and direct actions - The Bus named COOL has been in the lead.
The bus named Cool
The bus named Cool
How about a great evening of music and friends while at the same time helping a grassroots environmental/social justice organization that has been an integral part of the Portland progressive community for several years?

OWF believes environmental protection must include fighting for Peace and Social Justice as well as saving our land, air, water, and critters. The bus became a perfect way for OWF to walk its talk and COOL has been revving its engine for all the rich diverse grassroots efforts of the entire progressive community ever since.

Providing a low-cost biodiesel alternative to dozens of progressive groups in Oregon is not cheap. Yes! COOL is hot but she is getting a little older and she needs a comfortable repair fund to make sure she is ready for the many adventures ahead to protect our beautiful state. You can help by attending our benefit!

An Outrageous musical benefit for the Oregon Wildlife Federation and "The Bus named Cool"
Featuring SWEETJUICE & Little Sue and Lynn Conover

Thursday June 11th 7pm
$10 donation suggested, but noone turned away for lack of funds!

Mt.Tabor Theatre
4811 SE Hawthorne