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Horses Don't Belong in Cities

Officer on horse takes a spill, animal emerges unhurt but why put the poor critter in this situation in the first place?
Scare for Portland cop

Officer on mounted patrol is squished by own horse during pursuit
By Jeff Kirsch
Wednesday, June 10, 2009
The call came out as officer down and police swarmed the area of 5th and SW Morrison near Pioneer Courthouse Square. But fortunately, the officer and her horse will be okay. The officer was pursuing a suspect when the horse slipped and fell on her. Kenny Glaspey saw it happen. "It looked like she was all right. She was standing up and walking around. "Glaspey says two men started fighting with one knocking out the other cold. The officer was responding when the accident occurred.

So, tell me why an officer on a bicycle would not have made it to the scene more quickly and safely? Not just more safely for the officer but think of what might have happened if the horse had fallen on a bystander? Why do we have horse cops at all?

On more than one occasion the animals have become skittish on the slick bricks of Pioneer Square, threatening to slide off the steps- I have seen this. That animal would have had to be pastured or euthanized after such a fall, I am very glad the cop kept it from getting closer than a few feet from the edge. Horses belong on sod, not cement or brick, rubber shoes or not. The only purpose for Horse police is to patrol the huge city parks. Downtown is NOT a good place to put them, at all.