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Police Taser 72 Year Old Woman

Wow! What An Honor!
To know that we are protected by Dudley Do Right and Deputy Dawg.
Police Taser 72 Year Old Woman

On May 11, 2009, a Travis County, TX Deputy, Chris Blaze, tasered a 72-year-old woman, after she refused to sign a speeding ticket.

The deputy said that he pulled over the suspect, Kathryn Winkfein, just outside of Austin, TX on May 11 for speeding a few miles over the speed limit. After she had refused to sign the ticket (not a legal requirement), Deputy Blaze began to get rough with her, pushing and shoving her to
try and keep her compliant.

"You're going to shove me? You're going to shove a 72-year-old woman?" she asked the deputy.
In an interview with KTBC-TV in Austin, Kathryn Winkfein said she had done nothing to provoke the deputy into using the taser.

After Deputy Blaze continued being physical with her, trying to subdue the woman, she eluded his grasp. When the deputy pulled his weapon,threating to taser her, she said that it wasn't necessary.

The Sheriff's Department said that the woman became extremely combative and violent and that the deputy feared for his safety and life.
The deputy said that he warned the suspect five times before he tasered her.

A department spokesman, Sgt. Gary Griffin said that they released a video, taken the the patrol car's video camera, showing the woman swearing at the deputy, challenging him to taser her, becoming extremely combative, attempting to physically overpower the deputy.

police taser great-grandmother 10.Jun.2009 17:20

grandma walton

See Video
 link to cosmos.best.yahoo.com

The "brave boys in blue" Bwaaah haah hah hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha................................

tsk tsk 10.Jun.2009 17:33

ghost warrior

This video has obviously been altered, to remove the parts that would incriminate the deputy.

Who's combatant? 10.Jun.2009 20:37


According to the article, it's not necessary for her to sign the ticket. She's pissed because he gave it to her in the first place. Why couldn't he have just gotten back in his car, job done, and left her cussing at the side of the road? It's just stupid to continue the confrontation.

I hate the idea of these weapons roaming the streets. If not confronted with a weapon, they shouldn't be allowed to use one. These verbal versions of police impressions all sound the same, don't they? Afraid for their life and safety...Well, I'm afraid for mine around them.

I don't get it 11.Jun.2009 10:59

Rooster rooster55@q.com

This woman, at any time could have stopped this incident. She could have signed the ticket. It is not an admission of guilt. Understanding that refusal to sign the ticket automatically calls for arrest, she could have refused and then followed the instructions the cop gave her. She did not have to act the way she did, and the way I saw it when I watched the video is, the cop saved her life by preventing her from walking in front of that truck that went zooming by. She is the one at fault her. She was speeding in a construction zone, she refused to sign a lawful citation, she refused to follow lawful orders by a police officer, and she resisted arrest. So, how is any of this the cops fault.

squealing oinkers 11.Jun.2009 12:20


Not all police are annoying.
Some are dead.

unreal video from BBC 12.Jun.2009 16:05


here is the dash video archived on the BBC

they made her GET out of her car.... on to the road then

.....tazered her to protect herself (wink)