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Laughing Horse Cancels Speaking Event by Holocaust Denier Valdas Anelauskas

Laughing Horse Books has cancelled the speaking event entitled "Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School" after discovering that the speaker, Valdas Anelauskas, is an avid white supremacist, racist, anti-semite, and denier that the holocaust ever happened.
So there will be no speaking event on Wednesday, June 10th, at Laughing Horse Books with Valdas Anelauskas, who constantly espouses hatred of the Jewish people and other races. Laughing Horse does not support giving a speaking venue to a denier of the holocaust who belongs to hate groups and so loudly and clearly espouses anti-semitism.

Solidarity! 10.Jun.2009 01:28

Ben Waiting


Anelauskas 11.Jun.2009 10:13


Here's Valdas Anelauskas on the topic of Jewish people:

"Only from people of that peculiar tribe can we expect such Talmudic hatred for humanity. There is even a famous saying that wars are the Jews' harvest."

Source:  http://www.jewishreview.org/node/13252 citing a letter from Anelauskas to the University of Oregon Daily Emerald newspaper.

Anelauskas openly describes himself as a white separatist and "racialist".

Source:  http://www.registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/web/news/cityregion/9560048-41/story.csp

He is active in the Pacifica Forum in Eugene, an organization that has recently focused on anti-semitic discourse and regularly hosts Holocaust deniers (e.g. David Irving and also Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review).

Source:  http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=952

Anelauskas himself states that evidence for the existence for the Shoah is "shaky".

Source:  link to www.articlearchives.com citing earlier letter by Anelauskas to the Register Guard.

All of this is from a few simple Google searches. Please do your own research--there is plenty more out there on Anelauskas.
Anti-semitism is real, and Valdas Anelauskas is a classic anti-Semite (and white supremacist).

It is good that Laughing Horse Books canceled the event.

STEALTH 11.Jun.2009 17:38


The 9/11 group meets at our OPEN space on our honor,
which they have betrayed now for a second time,
I obviously see 9/11 as a symptom of u.s. imperialism so I can only here about phantom planes, meltin points of steel and security camera's collected at 7/11 before I am like DUH it's AMERIKKA lets go ACT! the government did it they always do it so yer NOT gonna EVER get them to say sorry when they wont even officially say it for slavery. FUCK ELECTORIAL POLITICS, I say. But I am only one collective member. And we are an open group OPEN to the community whom we SERVE. We have a safer space policy and the 9/11 truth group has yet again violated it, the event was canceled we did NOT know about it
IT WAS STEALTH as this shit is we mobilized fast and thanks to ALL who helped. One collective member was asked to leave and more to come about the 9/11 group
Wanna help show a movie, start a group, have an event CONTACT US - We serve they people! 503-236-2893 We don't put up with racist, sexist , abelist, homophobic, patriarchal, bullshit YUK!

new statement from Rose City Antifa 26.Jun.2009 01:26


Statement from Rose City Antifa: