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AIPAC Protest court action

me, you and the judge
who is this woman and who took the picture?
who is this woman and who took the picture?
Yesterday I went before the judge, in Rm 124 at Multnomah County Circuit Court on 4th Ave. (This was because of my arrest at the AIPAC protest.)

When we entered the courtroom, Dave, Roberto, Harry and I watched in amazement the cases before mine. There was the guy who was walking his dog and got busted for trespassing and the guy who was so out of it did not know where he was today. No lawyers, just a judge and guilty pleas or no contest. The guy with the dog argued that he did not know and did not intend to trespass---guilty. I said to Harry after about 6-7 guilty pleas and verdicts I was in trouble here. My plan was to argue that because I was being ordered into court for only one charge, the other two must be thrown out. I asked the ADA to stipulate that two of the three charges were dropped and I would have to defend against just one. The ADA objected but I won that one. The next thing I did was to ask for a continuance so that I could zero in on just the one charge of Interfering with a police officer.

The judge was not happy but granted my request over the objection of the State. So the bottom line, won two one to go.

I will need some help from a number of people, if you were at the protest and witness the police pushing people and ordering them back I would like you to contact me and maybe testify. Who is the woman in this picture and who took the picture? (I always put my e-mail in these reports)

Here's what I think the case will be decided on:

Can a police officer close off a section of the sidewalk without notice and order people not to cross a line he decides on?

I know this sounds like a "duh" but I need case law if you know.

I also requested that it be part of the record that I asked for a jury trial; the judge became annoyed but said I would have to submit that in writing. I know that I will lose that one, but what the hell, if I ask for it now it may become a point down the line in the Court of Appeals.

Anyone who was part of the protest who saw the police pushing people back should testify. Let me know. Pictures of the event are good, but I need the person who took them to validate them. We could win this one.

My hope is to show by testimony and video that I did not interfere with traffic and was not causing a disturbance that would cause the police to change the rules in mid-protest.

Let me know. We had fun! I even made the judge laugh, not so much with the ADA

For Justice and Peace

Joe Walsh--Lone Vet
VVAW-Veterans Against Torture
Individuals for Justice