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my trip to the "christians united for israel" event in clackamas co.

maybe you didn't realize that there is a hotbed of christian zionists gathering just off I-205 at the 'New Hope' christian church across from the clackamas town center.....we decided to go to check out their "United for Israel" event yesterday, and found a disturbing scene.....
to get in, you had to go through a security checkpoint much like those at israeli shopping malls ..... the security guards checked through everyone's bags, pulling out lipstick and medicine and saying aloud the contents of each bag. at a church!!

then, inside, tables lined the lobby selling olive wood and soap from Israel, cheery-faced women invited people to "Volunteer in Israel", and Israeli settlers handed out brochures with scary looking hooded figures on the front, and frightening titles about "What Jihad is really about" and "How the US can prepare for the next war". A newsletter called "Outpost" was distributed by a young man fervent to support the Israeli settler youth who occupy the hilltops across the West Bank and expand the Israeli state further and further onto Palestinian land --- or, as he put it, 'the land that God gave to the Jews'.

Funny how Israel is happy to accept these Christian "supporters", because several of the "Christians" I spoke to talked about how important it is to support Israel because the Jews all have to move to Israel in order for the Rapture to take place. And when that happens, they said, the Jews must convert or be killed.

Hmm......if I were Israeli, I don't think I would want these "allies", who support the Israeli state only for the coming of the "Rapture".

Oh, and several of them also told me that Muslims were the children of Ishmael, who were given land by God to settle, and shouldn't try to live on the land that God gave to the Jews.....

One of them said right to the face of a Palestinian with us that "Palestinians don't exist". Imagine being told right to your face that you don't exist.

There were around 50 or 60 people there, and a dozen security staff.

As soon as they realized we weren't there to be brainwashed by their callous and crude propaganda, but to educate and inform people about the reality of life in occupied Palestine for Palestinian muslims AND christians, they called the cops....

the clackamas county sheriffs.....same ones who recently shot and killed an elderly man while conducting a pot bust at his house....

they followed us out, made sure we were totally off the property before they were satisfied....

hmmm. how very 'christian' of them.