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McDavid benefit in Eugene 6/13

Benefit event for Eric McDavid at the Apocalypse on Broadway in Eugene Friday, June 13

Eric McDavid was arrested on January 13, 2006, as part of the government's ongoing Green Scare campaign against environmental and animal rights activists. His arrest was a direct result of government infiltration and entrapment. After a trial fraught with errors, Eric was convicted and sentenced to a shocking 20 YEARS IN PRISON for a crime that was never

Join us as we learn about Eric's case, entrapment, the use of informants, and government repression in general. Unfortunately, these tools of the state are becoming more and more prevalent, and its imperative that people understand how they work.

Presentation to be followed by musical performances by Spokepants of the Flowering Skillet and Nora & Gnoll.

WHEN: June 13, 2009, 7:00pm-10:30pm
WHERE: The Apocalypse on Broadway (2100 West Broadway #1)
sliding scale donation $1-100

for more information please visit:  http://supporteric.org/

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