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The Return of the Really Really Free Market

Every 2nd Saturday of the month at peninsula park 12-4 PM
The free market is starting up again. It will happen the second Saturday of the month from 12-4 at peninsula park (N Albina between Ainsworth and Rosa Parks Way). The next one will start this coming Saturday June 13th. Tell your friends and others and bring free things/ skills to share and be cool. Please bring home a lot of stuff with you and try not to bring junk.

Thank you for the warning. 09.Jun.2009 11:58

A liberal

Unfortunately, the people of Portland can not be trusted to handle any kind of commerce on their own. My group will be showing up to make sure this event is properly regulated.

This event needs to be regulated so that no one takes more then their fair share. Also, anyone who takes anything will need to surrender a portion of their takings to us, so we can redistribute it as we see fit. We realize that some people might object to our interference, but they are filthy Libertarians. They will be taken out back and shot.

Remember, this is for your own good. Without market regulation, there is only free market anarchy.