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Hundreds Attend Vigil and March for Luis Gutierrez

Al Rojas reports on last night's March and Vigil for Luis Gutierrez, a Woodland farmworker who was gunned down in Woodland by Yolo County Sheriff's Deputies. Following his report is the link to an excellent article on the event by David Greenwald of the People's Vanguard of Davis.
Brothers and Sisters

Last night's March/Procession Vigil for Justice for Luis Gutierrez was a very moving experience of a community coming together. Hundreds attended in solidarity as a community. All of the colors of our community were there representing the respective communities, but more importantly, we were all their together in unity in support of the Gutierrez Family and also asking "WHY y PORQUE ?

For those of you who were not there, we know you were there in spirit, but we need to count on your physical and moral goodness that we all need to stand together. We greatly appreciate our communities of color, Muslim, Islamic, Black, Asian, Latino, and our White brothers and Sisters and all of you that have worked so hard to join in a movement for the truth and justice.

We must also acknowledge our coalition of community organizations under the banner of "JUSTICE COALITION," for without these organizations and support of the community this would not have happened and more importantly, the Woodland community's young people were there! For it is they are who this all about and those of us who leave to them the tools to question those that lose community's respect. This is just the beginning - we have just begun!

We want to thank the "Vanguard" newspaper, David Greenwald, for his great work. Please see his web site and article on last night's event with hundreds in attendance. We appreciate the "Vanguard's" coverage. Please also go to our LCLAA Web site for additional information on upcoming events.

Un abrazo

Salam Alikum


 link to davisvanguard.org

In Solidarity.
Al Rojas
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement AFL-CIO
Frente de Mexicanos en el Exterior