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Bill Maher interviews Jeremy Scahill on the War in Afganistan

Bill Maher interviews war correspondent and investigator Jeremy Scahill on the Afghanistan War, the iraq War, and war crimes, on the late night "Real Report," where Scahill said that Obama looks a lot like Bush.
Cross post from Colored Opinions, http://coloredopinions.blogspot.com/2009/06/bill-moyers-interview-jeremy-scahill-on.html

thank you Jeremy (and everyone else) for speaking out 08.Jun.2009 15:53


Never stop standing up for truth, peace, and justice. In an age when many have become indifferent and complacent it's good to hear "truth" on occasion. <Silence = Complicity> and it always will. I understand burn-out, I've experienced it myself, fighting the good fight against war, ignorance, apathy, hatred and lies can beat you down and cause you to become frazzled and 'spread thin'. It's easy to become discouraged and lose yourself especially when much of the time it seems many people just don't care anymore. But you have to keep speaking out and being the voice for those without a voice (for those who can't be heard), for those who are on the receiving end of our weapons, violence, and aggression. The never-ending "War for Oil" was always based on lies. How many more will have to die because of those lies? There were no "weapons of mass destruction"- we were 'lied into Iraq' just as we were 'lied into Afganistan'. There will be no justice unless we continue to speak out. War criminals must be held accountable. Investigate 9/11 and end the charade. It's way past time. >>>NO MORE LIES<<< Truth Ends War ~ peace

Jeremy Scahill on "real time"  link to www.youtube.com

p.s.- Bill Maher is a self-absorbed, egotistical ass. He's his own biggest fan. What a jerk.