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Indigenous Backbone: Standing Up To Colonial Tyranny

1492 -- The Great Mystery met the Great Lie. We were not lost and we did not need any book.
Indigenous Backbone: Standing Up To Colonial Tyranny

The Indigenous people of Occupied Turtle Island will continue to stand up for our rights, freedom, peace and our sovereignty, and we will win.
We will not be enslaved any longer by the warmongering colonials, even if they turn their guns on us. And we will not run. Even though the colonials murdered over 100, 000, 000 Indigenous people of Turtle Island in their religious holocaust.

The Mohawk people will not allow the colonials to put guns in Akwesasne, nor will we allow guns on our lands in the hands of cowards, especially at their so-called border crossings. The Mohawk people are being held hostage, and only a few cars are being let through the colonial blockade.
Other people have to walk in or out.

We are standing up to tyranny. The colonial government thinks that all they have to do is use armed guards, police, military and civilian goons to beat us into submission. It will not work on the Mohawk or other Indigenous people. The Indigenous people will be treated with respect.
If we are not, we will sit down, cross our legs, fold our arms and do or say nothing. We will not be moved.

The Indigenous people have been resisting colonial abuse for 517 years. This is because they were terrified of us (they still are). The colonials could not stand to see us keep our freedom (and still can't). They resented it because the Indigenous people refused to get into the cage with
them and play the empirical game. They should understand that we will not compromise with them. We will not compromise with the colonials because they are people without honour or truth.

In the last election, the colonial dictator of Occupied Turtle Island, Stephen Harper said that he would toughen laws against criminals, pot smokers, the poor, keep more people in jails and prisons longer, and change/make new laws concerning Indigenous rights and freedoms.
The colonial government and citizenry think that this will keep Native people toeing the line (and non-native people).

The colonials have only kept one promise. To steal all of our lands. The colonials are going to lose everything, houses, properties, businesses, companies and everything else. Their religious/political criminal enterprises are rapidly coming to an end, and their empires will soon be lying in ruins.

The colonial masses have seen their religious/political ruling elite, along with their corporate cohorts, give themselves millions of dollars through raises and bonuses. Like their predecessors, the ruling elite declare that they will put their citizens in jails, take everything they own and keep it for themselves. They tell their citizens that if they are poor or homeless it is their fault, and if they cannot cut it they should starve to death. This is the only reason the ruling elite have police forces, to enforce the rules of democracy, and keep their jackbooted feet on the necks of those they oppress.

In Old World democracies, including the governments of Occupied Turtle Island, the citizens can succeed if you step on everybody and everything. Their democratic christian culture reflects this fascist mentality. It is this narcisstic, arrogant attitude that is bringing down their societies. The colonial citizens are socially conditioned to believe that only survival of the fittest matters and that it is of no importance whatsoever what happens to the losers. This attitude reflects the madness of their societies.
Like it has always been throughout their 5,000 year history, the poor and homeless in all democratic societies are living in alleys, slums and tent cities while slowly being reduced to nothing more than ribs and hair.

Like the European democracies, the governments of Occupied Turtle Island, and on other stolen Indigenous lands, desire to keep their distastrous religious/political/economic systems going. The colonial citizens think that this is normal and they have no understanding of Indigenous ways. We do not threaten each other, kill each other, or wage wars of attrition against each other. Unlike colonial citizens, we help each other, we respect our elders and children, and we do not destroy our lands for the prospect of financial or material gain.

The colonial government and citizenry are unable to understand that the people of Occupied Turtle Island are in solidarity with other Indigenous people in standing up against the oppression of the church-state.