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Video: Don't Be An F in Idiot - No Name Security

A tri met security guy was telling some young folks to, "Not be an f-in idiot" when I walked by them. I started filming his interaction.
This is a 2 minute video clip.
Don't Be an F-in Idiot
Don't Be an F-in Idiot
On the streets of Portland a "no name" security patrol <for tri met> intermingles with the community.
The young folks were kidding him about riding his scooter.

It appeared to me in my opinion that...
He was being authorial, rude, and condescending to them in an arrogant, disrespectful way
But hell I only heard a few words... so I stopped to ask him "whats with the bad language?"

The anonymous (No visible name or one provided) security agent offered me gum and the tired old line "give me a break" when I asked him who he was and why he was using foul language.

He didn't tell me his name, as I suspected he would do.

Although no one was being abused in this situtation, it seemed uncalled for and unprofessional to have this type of behavior being in the public space for a "security personal"