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VIDEOS: Impeachment ByBee Protest Vigil 5.28.09 DEATH appears

The weekly Protest Against Torture held on Thursdays for the Impeachment of Judge ByBee was filmed in downtown Portland and on May 28 2009
And now is on-line in two, 10-minute clips.
There is an appearance by DEATH who thanks America for its torture.
DEATH "thank you for torture!" Impeach ByBee Protest
Impeach ByBee protest videos (2 parts) from May 28 2009
This is a weekly protest open to all to join and it starts at 11:30 on Thursday

Filmed in front of the Pioneer Courthouse, where Judge ByBee is seated as a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge.

DEATH is in this video... in costume "Thanking America, for Torture!"

Death Speaks, Glen & Joe Speak, Music, and more
Part 1.

Torture discussion on a street outside the Courthouse
Part 2.


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