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From Stone Wall on: Going back to go Forward The Childhood of the Revolution

It is indeed hard to escape it. Though the mainstream "straight" media pays it no heed, the gay media is abuzz. This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. What makes Stonewall significant? Was it the first queer voice of the modern era? Certainly not, during the Weidar republic there had been a brief shining moment when significant strides had been made in the city of Berlin (this of course ended very badly, the rise of Adolf Hitler changed the cities "civil union" registry an easy way to identify, locate and round-up large numbers of what was the first modern queer rights movement. Though some fled and even a few waited out the war in hiding in Germany itself (for example the DaDa artist Hannah Hoch). It wasn't even the first time that the subject of gay rights had been advocated. The sisters of Bolita, and the matachine society had been "respectably" (and with all due respect to the immense bravery of those early advocates) quite ignorably picoting in DC, and doing the "letter writing" thing. No, what made Stonewall special, what makes it the Day we remember was that it was the day when queers not only advocated for their rights but refused the model of hetero-superiority. Rather than try to persuade the "big America" that they were deserving of human rights, the Queers of Stonewall stood up to the Cops in the streets of New York and REFUSED to be anything less than human.
Stonewall Inn
Stonewall Inn
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