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the American way; Gonzo politics and medicine

Just a short "article" giving thought to the undependability of American medicine, politics, and policy. Or: gonzo medicine
This is why I don't blindly listen to doctors and family members:
 link to www.google.com
In case you don't want to follow the link, it is a list of issues concerning the widely publicized Gardasil vaccine meant to prevent women from contracting Human Papilloma Virus and cervical cancer. I felt incredibly uncomfortable a few months back, when I went to see a doctor for concerns I had....with headaches; she completely brushed me and the focus of why I was seeing her aside, and instead made it her point to recommend I get Gardasil. And then my step-mother proceeded to make it her concern to focus on Gardisil as well. It seemed to be all they cared about. They didn't assume I was a whore did they?...
Naturally I'm adverse to permanently altering my body with chemicals made by companies who make it their practice to not wholly consider repercussions. My already jaded and toughened self assumed immediately that it was an 'idea of the moment' drug, and horror stories would surface about it in the coming months and years. And they did; thus is the fate for most western pharmaceuticals. Despite the pressure I feel from the professional world and family, I know it is always better to think for myself. I always keep in mind that doctors and lawyers can make bigger mistakes in their respective crafts than an untrained individual would make in the same situation. Gonzo actions, in the medical, political, and other fields have usually been the American way. Some examples? Curing cancer with mustard gas (yes the very same mustard gas), lobotomies, psych wards, anti-depressants, you name it. I've learned to spot gonzo really quickly, because unlike in the art world, it just doesn't work when it concerns matters of gravity. They shouldn't be approached with wild young raids for money, nor should the individuals who have to deal with it give in so easily to careless acceptance, nor should they, we, trade a life of real freedom and responsibility for convenience. Compared to time-honored and intuitive ways, the American acceptance of gonzo medicine and politics is playing with fire and messing up unsuspecting lives. So the next time someone tells you to get a vaccine, or consider or accept anything, consider if it would pass the test of a few hundred years.