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New Age Psychobabble

There are several types of mind control: political oppression, religious cults, police & military intimidation and off-the-wall therapies, etc.

A new world religion has been invented to force on everybody. It's a mishmash of religious movements, new age psychobabble and a sprinkling of so-called traditional ideologies. We are all supposed to be drawn in to be controlled by colonial cult leaders.
Their mission statement to the masses is that the end justifies the means to bring about universal peace, harmony and love. Psychological coercion through old world religion is part of setting up a worldwide totalitarian society.
At one time religious cults fought each other to rule the world. Now they work together. The cultist leaders are secret, self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic and not accountable. They want to whack everybody into enslavement. "The easier to control you, my dear!"

Over the last few decades a new age religion has spread its tentacles across Occupied Turtle Island. This new age religion is a mixture of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ghandi, Kabbalah, Scientology, Raelians, paganism, channeling, reincarnation, crystals, fortune tellers, seers and whatever else can be thrown into the mixture, and this new movement is a tool used to bring in their one world religion as expediently as possible.
Lately these religionists have been stealing and adding Indigenous Spirituality to give their mishmash credibility. This is a new age religion with feathers, beads and buckskins being made to appear credible to Indigenous People and non-natives.

This new age religion is set up to assimilate the masses into the one world government, one religion, one language and economic system run by the current political/religious ruling elites. Like it was in the beginning with Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other perverted Spirituality, the people had to be brutally and violently indoctrinated, having their spirits completely attacked to make them thorougly compliant.

The Spirituality of the Indigenous people of Occupied Turtle Island is totally opposite to the new age religion. Our Spirituality is based on a powerful connection to the natural world. It keeps us strong, and we are the caretakers of our lands. Nothing is supposed to enter that canharm, mislead or control us. This is the basis of freedom and can head off Old World fascism. True freedom is equality and everyone has a voice.

Dealer man's in the shadows, dealing his junk. Not because people do drugs, it's so they will. A way of fixing them while they break.
To deaden the spirit, drugs, alcohol, hypnosis, incantations, spells, rituals, seances and trances help nullify the ability to say No. Eventually we can lose charge over our "doorkeeper", our will, so that another mental process can be inserted inside us. It tells us, "I am your friend, your spirit guide, your master. Follow me and I can make you immortal". It is disempowering. An undercurrent is the message, "I am strong and I can kill you".

Indigenous Spirituality, traditions and history have been cleverly mixed with the colonial new age religion. We are told that other people inhabited Turtle Island before us, that we are extra terrestrials, that we should be vegetarians, and that a one world government/religion/language/economic
system is totally necessary. We are told that if we want peace we should stop being critical.
The Raelians tell us that the creators of Human Beings came from space, who brought love and peace through a combination of spirituality, sensuality and science. Scientists from another planet created all life on earth using DNA!! The extra-terrestrials will come back to check on us.

The colonials make no mention of changing from their religion(s), but they tell Indigenous people that we should always forgive them, no matter how bad things get for us. The victims of these religious cult(s) become weak and confused, so that the colonial political/religious/economic and military authority can be ruthlessly enforced.

During the time of the drug culture, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau brought in new ager religionists to run the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
He had visited eastern mystics for enlightenment. Indigenous organizations were infiltrated. Healers and Elders were trained and sent among us and even among the colonial youth youth. Fortunately, it died out for a while.
After the Mohawk Oka crisis in 1990, the colonial Bureau of Indian Affairs set up the Kumik Lodge to train and certify a new slew of healers.

It taught Pan-Indian cleansing, healing circles, sweat lodges and confessions. They went into our communities and jails to learn more about us.
Today new age religious covens are being formed in of our communities. Ceremonies and meetings are frequently held. CDs on universal teachings are watched, studied and distributed. Some followers say they can't move products or travel unless the stars are in the right place. The adherents call themselves "universal" persons, humans of another time or reality. Some have given up all their documents like driver's licenses, birth certificates, Indian cards, medical cards, membership in their community, nation and confederacy. Psyches are being diverted. Their will has been weakened. We don't know if they are giving up their properties or bank accounts.

The new age movement traps gullible and desparate people that are attracted by religious cults, becoming "ascended masters" and speaking with "spirit guides". The new age religion is a pot pourri of beliefs and practices that fall outside of all Indigenous Spirituality.
According to astrology, crystals, weird workshops and psychobabble, the earth will be cleansed of those who refuse to evolve. Traditional morality and families will disappear.
At Maurice Strong's Manitou retreat in Colorado, treatment includes everything being taken away from the follower to suck out the core of their being. Under the guise of meditation and sensory deprivation, they are confined into a small space to strip their identity. A low protein diet is part of this.

Barbara Hubbard says: "Your highest spiritual beings are telling you to access to an inner teacher... that through "initiation" you can transform yourself into an "ascended master". Once our bodies, minds and souls are drained dry by free sex and trafficking with the spirit world, we ought to chose to die. In fact, it seems unethical and foolish to live on".
These new age charismatic movements can affect participants in adverse ways. Intensely held religious beliefs and ideology are imposed on members. They are promised emotional well-being and a sense of direction. They can't make a free choice to leave the group. They are pressured to recruit new members, break with families and friends and to socialize mainly with the group.

On March 28, 1997, in Rancho Santa Fe, California, thirty-nine young men and women of Heaven's Gate killed themselves. They believed that their bodies were physical containers that had to be discarded so that their spirits could be transported to a new level of being. Their spirits were to meet up with a UFO that was trailing the Hale-Bopp comet passing Earth at that time. In their new plane of existence, they would inhabit new bodies and travel through different galaxies. The charismatic leader was an ex-minister who called himself Bo after Bo-peep who shepherded sheep. He was seen as an omnipotent godlike authority that diminished their anxiety, depression and alienation. Members were recruited personally or through the internet.

The Indigenous people go back to the beginning of time when we started thinking. We have our own stories about our origins here on Turtle Island. We will remain with our own Spirituality. This new age religion has nothing to do with us. We sent away our younger brothers because of their insane behavior and they came back worse than before. Some of us may drift away for a time from what a true human being is. For most of us, our will is our plan for survival. Everything goes back to our connection with the natural world.

It appears that the Christian Inquisition is coming back into vogue. This was a time when critics of the religious cults were murdered in the millions, because they refused to give up their Spirituality.
Manitou Foundation in Colorado, run by Maurice Strong uses religious cult principles to develop the new world religion and to implement it. These same maneuvers underlie the corporate world, campuses, religions, medical and other professions, prisons and advertising campaigns. President Obama's speech writers use these same tactics all the time.

The upper crust, the mainstay of their hierarchy, are indoctrinated into the new plan through powerful secret societies in ivy league universities. They are trained to run the new world order and the global mind control needed to sustain it. To keep their loyalty, cult leaders get something on each, usually of a sexual or more unsavory nature.
Worldwide we are being weakened by depravation, wars, diseases and various fears. We are deliberately being made vulnerable, confused, anxious, depressed and hurt to ripen us for the new world religion.
New world religions are narcissistic, quasi-therapeutic and eastern oriented. Strategies are humility and public confession to lower self-esteem; threats and guilt; no thinking; and critics are accused of siding with the devil. Some start hallucinating about having contact with extra terrestrials who give them orders.

Some manipulation techniques are love bombing which is giving love and then sudden disapproval, contradictions and verbal abuse. The altered state is brought on by hypnosis, trances, prolonged chanting, deprivation of privacy, sense of time, food and sleep. Other tactics to force conformity are overly strict rules, guilt, fear, no questions and tight rules on living, dressing, information, music, reading and the internet. Some cult leaders have sex with anyone, male, female or child, within their orbit under their control.
Individual reasoning powers have to be weakened so we can be broken down physically and mentally to become highly vulnerable to suggestions. It takes 3 days to two weeks to bring draftees into line. We are supposed to go through a sudden drastic personality change called "snapping". We will have difficulty reasoning, choosing or criticizing. The new world religion steps in and interprets our reality and reason for living. Then we can be put into intense robotic group thinks and then told what to do.

Followers who are no longer valuable are thrown to the wolves. Those wanting to leave will be threatened. The successful walkaways will have to hide. They will be hunted down, ostracized and disappeared for having too much inside information. They will suffer from withdrawal such as confusion, depression, disorientation, insomnia, amnesia, suicidal tendencies and violent emotional outbursts.

We are seen as human livestock that belong to the colonials. The whole world is their farm, with electronic dog collars and brain chips called licenses. Schools are training children to love the farm. The leaders don't want us to be free who can manage our own lives. Today's brutality is staged for us to get used to the idea that we must conform or else!
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The new world religion promises faith, safety and prosperity. They are pyramid authoritarian regimes, using deception to recruit and maintain themselves. Since we are half starved, blinded and abused, we are being forced into having no choice but to embrace it.

Who will try and convict those opposed to this new dogma? It could be a charismatic leader that everybody will have to bow down to. It will be a universal concoction staffed by priests or faith keepers of the new world order. Their job will be to seduce, terrify and wean us away from our real custodial relationship with the natural world and each other. Those questioning their newly formed orthodox doctrines will be tortured. Concentration camps will hold critics before they are shipped to parts of the world with grotesque punishments and no human or civil rights.
The Indigenous Peoples could be deemed as terrorists for our efforts to assert our inherent sovereignty. Since everybody will unilaterally become an international person, we could be taken to The Hague and charged with war crimes. We're being brainwashed into becoming universal humans for their ends. Wiretaps, surveillance and imprisonment will be justified under new international security laws.

Unethical double standards have to be pointed out. Deprogramming requires critical thinking, seeing the contradictions and twisted ideology. Self-reflection and will power break down the control pyramid. We need truthful information so we can clear our minds of the big lies that have been constantly fed to us worldwide. We have to relearn how to think and control our will. Group consensus gives each a voice to fully discuss issues before making a decision. Tight family relationships keep us from being isolated and victimized.
Sending us to the camps is an old threat, since we already have reservations. We ask too many questions. They think they have to control our minds. The supposed world rulers of the masses will call their critics crazy and paranoid. Watch out for anyone who calls up your friends and tells them you have had a mental breakdown!

Manitou Foundation - Owned and operated by Maurice & Hanne Strong
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