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Wyden's Health Care Tax Plan

Wyden wants to eliminate the tax exemption of health care benefits, which means we would be taxed on our benefits as if they were income.
Stop Ron Wyden's Health Tax

There are a lot of different proposals being offered as solutions to America's health care crisis.

The Wyden proposal, which taxes our benefits and leaves us at the mercy of insurance companies, is the wrong way. His bill (S. 391) would enact the first ever tax on health care benefits. In these tough economic times, we just can't afford it.

Tell Senator Wyden his plan is the wrong way to reform health care.


1. Real Choices

If you like your health care, you should be able to keep it. If you don't, you should have choices, including a public health insurance option.
2. Create Competition

Public health insurance plans are more efficient and cost effective. We should create a new public plan to compete with more expensive private insurance plans to drive costs down.
3. Guaranteed Quality and Affordable Care

A public health insurance option would guarantee that every American would have quality, affordable health care no matter what happens to his or her job or private insurance.
4. No Taxation of Benefits as Income

Taxing health care benefits as income would increase costs for Americans, not lower them.

Does it get any weirder than this? 31.May.2009 00:58


The DEMOCRAT Senator wants to tax health care benefits! What's wrong with this picture?

Single Payer is the only acceptable health reform 31.May.2009 02:27


The so-called "public option" is also propaganda. The new dear leader is attempting to manufacture another bailout for the rich and powerful, which is what the "public option" really is (Dennis Kucinich: This Is A Hoax! It Is A Swindle! Wake Up America!:
 link to dandelionsalad.wordpress.com).

"Public option" proselytizing has been refuted by most single payer advocates, including PNHP (www.pnhp.org/) activists like Dr. Rick Staggenborg of Coos Bay, who recently wrote:

"The only proposals being seriously considered are bailouts to the failing health insurance industry. One is a neutered 'public option' designed to not be competitive with these inefficient insurers. The other is Wyden's ambitious yet fatally flawed proposal to provide 'the same level of care as members of Congress receives' through these same inefficient insurance providers who are on the brink of bankruptcy without massive taxpayer cash infusions. This is the only reason they are negotiating for 'reform.' No wonder it is the only proposal thus far with bipartisan support.

"It is time for Oregonians to tell our elected officials that they represent us, not corporations. There is overwhelming support for single payer now, not another corporate bailout. If, like me, you are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore, let them know!"

Gross oversimplification 31.May.2009 08:20


I am a supporter of Single-Payer system. Wyden, like most Democrats, is a huge disappointment. However, this attack on Wyden's health care reform proposal, primarily by unions, is designed to activate people rather than move us towards a solution.

Wyden's plan, according to my analysis, is designed to uncouple work and insurance coverage so employees and people will control their insurance, not their employers. When you change jobs or leave employment, your coverage goes with you.

I would prefer to see the unions spend their money promoting a solution rather than bashing Wyden's. Where would we be if all that media money was spent promoting single-payer, universal health care?