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Portland Anti-Racists Raise Awareness about Local Neo-Nazis

Rose City Antifa would like to present you with more information on local white supremacist group, Volksfront, and its members who are recruiting in our communities. As long as violent thugs are organizing under the banner of white nationalism in Portland, we will expose their ignorant, harmful beliefs to the light of reason and oppose their activity, wherever they may try to sew the seeds of racial hatred and homophobia.
flyer on the two Nicks
flyer on the two Nicks

Nearly eight months have passed since Rose City Antifa "out-ed" four local neo-Nazi organizers associated with a white supremacist group called Volksfront (see article here). Since that time, Volksfront leader Randall Krager and his wife Abbie have abandoned Portland and moved across the country--our condolences to the state of Florida. Neo-nazi thugs Justin Martin and Nick Scheel were exposed at their residences and employment. As a result of local people stepping up and showing these bigots the door, our communities are safer, smarter, and welcoming to a wider variety of people.

But it is not time to celebrate yet. In April Volksfront helped organize two national white power events--an East Coast gathering hosted in conjunction with the group East Coast White Unity (which was booted from its initial venue due to the vigilance of anti-racists), plus a VF/"Blood & Honour American Division" gathering held on Volksfront-owned land in Missouri. While Volksfront was founded in Portland, the organization now operates on a national and even international basis. When they recruit and organize, we respond.

Rose City Antifa is now pleased to bring you further information on local Nazi organizers. You may remember Nicholas Alton Scheel, AKA "Nazi Nick", from our last campaign. Nazi Nick is a violent hate-monger who has a long history of disgusting behavior, including domestic violence, racial intimidation and assault, possession of illegal firearms, and threatening the life of a multi-racial baby. He is now sharing a residence with Nick Cheshire, AKA "Young Volksfront Nick", a newer member of Volksfront that recently moved here from California. The two are currently living at 3420 SE 57th Ave, just north of Powell Boulevard and about three blocks south of Franklin High School. People can call their landlord, James M Copp, at 503 698 8636 if they have any complaints or concerns about the neo-Nazi neighbors. This is the second time that James Copp has been found renting to neo-Nazis--he used to be the Portland landlord for Randal and Abbie Krager.

Volksfront remains one of the most significant neo-Nazi organizations in our state, and has an explicit mission to turn the Pacific Northwest into a white-only "homeland". The organization preys on disenfranchised youth that are looking for answers. In this time of economic crisis and uncertainty Volksfront provides a clear and easy solution: blame it on the "other". We feel that Volksfront will have a much harder time actively organizing if the community is made aware of their presence. The organization thrives in secrecy, and trades in ignorance. Rose City Antifa sent a mailing to two hundred addresses in the immediate vicinity of Nick Scheel and Nick Cheshire's home. Alongside a flyer about these two neo-nazis, we included a poster with an anti-racist message which we hope local businesses and residences will display, to show community solidarity across racial lines.

We encourage anyone with further information on Volksfront or other white supremacist groups in Oregon to contact Rose City Antifa. Our voicemail number is 971.533.7832 and our email is fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net. For help in identifying local neo-nazis, see the photo albums here.

I just called 30.May.2009 22:13


when you call, dont ask for mr copp, he recently died and his widow will start balling on the phone. i got to speak to the daughter and she was oblivious to the renters. i informed her and gave the basic info on who those dirtbags were. so i aidvise everyone, out of respect to not ask for mr copp, he recently passed away and wife is trying to cope with death, but do inform them your concern. thanks

Request from Rose City Antifa 01.Jun.2009 02:23

RCA fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net

Rose City Antifa are currently asking for readers to NOT call the number for the Copp household listed above. Our group was not aware of Mr. Copp's sudden death. At present we are under the impression that the two tenants have been given notice to vacate the property on 57th.