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The latest Call Out from TreArrow

Sorry this is getting up here late.............."Well everyone, this is my last dispatch from prison! Yipee!!"
Well everyone, this is my last dispatch from prison! Yipee!! As
spring takes hold of winter's release, i give thanks 4 the clear, blue
skies, brilliant sunshine & sweet bird songs present all around me.
i'll B back in stumptown B4 the summer solstice. i'm set 2 leave here in
the early morning hours of june 8th & reside @ the half-way house on
80th & colombia. i may be B able 2 finish out part of the remaining 6
months of this sentence under home confinement. First, i need 2 procure a
place 2 stay & a job. With unemployment high in oregon, work may B
difficult 2 find. Ideally i'd like 2 get a job doing the things i love
the most: playing music & protecting the environment.
I would like 2 extend blessed earth day (officially on april
22nd, but we know that everyday is earth day), may day, sacred beltane,
cinco de mayo & mother's day greetings 2 everyone!! A token of honor
2 all the mothers around the world, the mothers-2-B & the feminine
entities who enrich my life greatly. Once again i'm filled with
overwhelming gratitude 4 the countless people who've stood by me 4 more
than 5 years of incarceration. A huge thanks 2 those who've dedicated
abundant quantities of time & energy & blessed me with legal,
moral & financial support. For the letters, pictures, drawings,
beautiful sceneries that graced the many cards, nourishing food & help
with correspondence thru the phone & internet. U all have my undying
gratefulness & deserve infinite blessings! The love, generosity &
intense mental, emotional & spiritual support i've been surrounded by
has literally saved my life & carried me through the m
ost challenging times. i bow to U in honor.
As difficult as some of these days have been, it still pales in
comparison 2 what others have endured & continue 2 endure. while i
prepare 2 leave these prison walls & fences i am called 2 acknowledge
all who R still caged. To all the men & womyn here & abroad, all
the children in slave & sweatshop conditions, all who suffer greatly
in far worse conditions than i've experienced...my heart goes out 2 U.
Especially during this time of intense oppression of those who speak 4 our
planet & animal friends, i extend support & solidarity 4 the
recent sentences of marie mason (www.freemarie.org) & eric mcdavid
(www.supporteric.org). For more info on political prisoners & what U
can do 2 help, please visit: www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk,
www.thejerichomovement.com, & www.ecoprisoners.org.
The passion 4 justice burns all the more intensely. We R
perservering in the call 2 protect our brothers & sisters, all our
animal & plant co-inhabitants & all the forests & waterways
around the world from injustice, from pollution, and from greed. Until
there R no more prisons, until all beings R truly free, until peace &
harmony prevail, until all life is honored & respected...our passion
carries on! In love & resiliance, namaste, tre

Yippee! 31.May.2009 19:38

A Cascadian

Wow. And how much better your welcome and homecoming, and the rest of your life will be than that of Jacob Sherman. A lesson in there, I think. Tre might have gotten a longer sentence, but he leaves with his dignity, his friends, his community, his self respect, and his head held high. He will not need to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, like... some.