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Local School Papers Being Cut

Local public schools are having their journalism and newspaper classes cut, while administrators are getting pay hikes.
The Clackamas High School journalism department is coming to an end after more than 50 years of service to the school and community, with adminsitrators citing recent economic troubles as a reason. But the whole story isn't being told by what administrators are saying. Recently, the school district which CHS is a member of has hired a new superintendant to replace Ron Naso, who has served in the position for 15 years. The district went against the policy of hiring from the inside, and a replacement for Naso was chosen from Colorado Springs, Colorado. The replacement for the position was offered and accepted an 18 percent pay hike, which is a number in the tens of thousands of dollars. This is money that could have been used to fund school art, journalism, or english programs, but instead was given to an outsider who ethically should not have taken the raise in the first place.

Beyond Sad 27.May.2009 20:18

Den Mark, Vancouver

This is beyond sad; it is sickening. Parents/citizens in the district should make very loud noise in protest. Of all school programs with potential to inspire students to actually THINK, journalism is near the top.

And when will school boards understand that quality education happens, when it happens at all, NOT because of administrators, but often in spite them!

Do it yourself 28.May.2009 05:24

Converse Murdoch

Start your own newspaper. It doesn't take much to print up a couple of hundred copies from a computer. Distribute it off campus. With stories like this it would be an instant success. Solicit opinions and hard factual info from other students and local taxpayers about how the school is being run. Confront the school board and give them a chance to respond. Also you could do stories about school lockdowns and FEMA contingency plans for moving students to an secret location and holding them incommunicado. There is an abundance of material about what's going on in schools that is of interest to the public.

"The pen is mightier than the sword if you know where to stick it." - quote from Bazooka Joe