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Are NW Natural Shareholders Willing to Trade Mt. Hood For LNG?

LNG Opponents Rally to Let Shareholders Know the True Cost of their Investment
Rally in Salem, January 2009
Rally in Salem, January 2009
Next Thursday, May 28th from 1-2:30pm at the Oregon Convention Center (220 NE MLK Blvd, Portland), LNG opponents will hold a "welcome" ceremony for NW Natural shareholders as they enter into their annual meeting.

NW Natural and TransCanada are the backers for the Palomar Pipeline, a 217-mile gas pipeline connecting the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals on the Columbia River to existing infrastructure in eastern Oregon, ripping a highway-width corridor through family farms, woodlands and old-growth forests in the Mt. Hood National Forest.
"NW Natural serves a region that prides itself on connecting a quality of life to the quality of their environment. NW Natural may think its benefiting customers by making this risky investment, but those same customers depend on Mt. Hood for their drinking water," says Bark Program Director, Amy Harwood. "Its time we pull back the curtain. The depth of NW Natural's commitment to sustainability is the width of their billboards."

For over two years, several organizations have offered support to the thousands of affected landowners living in the blast zone of proposed LNG terminals on the Columbia River and threatened by eminent domain along the proposed pipeline route. In the Mt. Hood National Forest the pipeline route is proposed to cross the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River and the Pacific Crest Trail, clearcut through some of our rare, remaining ancient forests and force the Forest Service to permanently change bedrock environmental laws.

Hope to see you there!! More information at www.bark-out.org.

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