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Palestinian Via Dolorosa - Journey of Suffering - Journey of Hope

Just a reminder!

Hello Friends, Family members and activists; "Palestinian Via Dolorosa" Journey of suffering / Journey for hope.
Please join us, bring a friend and family

Please see attached event poster

 link to s714.photobucket.com
Thursday May 28th 2009 PSU Portland State University -- Smith Memorial Hall Room 101 5:30 - 7:30pm

Event - Palestinian tastings of foods and Palestinian Olive Oil tasting and sales. Handcrafted Palestinian arts and crafts, beautiful gift baskets and handmade local jewelry with Palestinian themes like reproduction of photos taken recently in Palestine of Olive trees, land marks like historic church steeples and mosques, refugee camp kittens, antique keys representing Palestinian Right of Return and newly created boycott image jewelry. Palestinian symbolic stitchery on dresses with fashion show. Pottery made in Gaza and Hebron.

Photo art exhibit representing, Palestinian Journey of Suffering Nakba to Present and actions tables covering subjects of Settlements; The Wall; Prisoners; Boycott action; Rachel Corrie; Nakba/Right of Return/Refugee; Maps of changing 'facts on the ground' (Wall & Israeli settlements; check points; Palestinian Home Demo in the West Bank check points roadblocks; Gift Baskets and Jewelry Fundraising items; Palestinian Olive Oil tasting and sales --