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they gladly all took americas black voters for a ride in the last national u.s.election! they want to blame the republicans and george bush for all our countries problems! all our elated elected democrats in washington have sadly already forgotten about their loyal black voters !!!
isn't it a little odd that we as americans can demand justice and fair trials with the international community , ( american journalist roxana saberi recently given a fair trial in iran ) , and at the same time when it comes for us as the leaders of the free world to offer new and fair trials for our own possible innocent american citizens in georgia & pennsylvania , we can somehow accept the easier route of allowing two possible innocent american citizens to be falsely executed ?

if the rest of our civilized country allows these crimes against humanity state murders to take place in the near future, our fair and just society here in america not only loses two possible innocent black americans, but we also lose our innocence as a people who all know better !!!

our ivory tower u.s. congressional leaders of the free world have had plenty of time to change our underfunded u.s. judicial system from continuing to be underfinanced ! the decades of neglect and abuse that our u.s. judicial system continues to inflict on poorer americans all across america is not only very obvious to most everyone outside of our country by now ,but also to millions and millions of silent and horrified fellow american citizens who feel helpless living in this the wealthiest country in the world !

for our current leaders in our u.s. government to continue pretending that we as americans are a civilized lot who know and respect freedom and justice for all americans, only brings home the sad reality of why were where we are in allowing these barbaric future executions of mr. troy davis of georgia and mumia abu - jamal of pennsylvania to ever take place without new and fair trials.!

proper legal representation for all middle class and working poor americans in our u.s. civil,criminal and family courts of law is not just a possible distant future goal for our country to contemplate !

our current and future reputation as america being the land of grace and equality is very much at stake since the international world can now be instantly enlightened to these sad truths in our society !

yes our country can afford health care for all americans,and yes our country can easily afford proper legal representation for all our poorer americans ! ** the only thing that we as americans can not afford is to keep pretending that we are something that the rest of the civilized world knows were not **

lawyers for poor americans is a volunteer www lobby that fights for every americans right to have proper legal representation afforded them in all our u.s. courts of law !  lawyersforpooramericans@yahoo.com

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