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Bike-icane Against NW Natural Shareholders & LNG THIS THURSDAY!

Join Portland Rising Tide & call out NW Natural for their nasty plan to import more foreign fossil fuels.
We are calling for a mass 'bike-icane' (think bike-hurricane) to descend upon the Annual NW Natural
Shareholders meeting & give them a taste of climate change justice.
WHERE: Meet up at Holladay Park ( NE 11th and Holladay) with your bike!
Get yer No LNG spoke card!
WHEN: Thursday May 28th @ 12:30pm sharp
WHAT: Form a bike contingent to join the anti-LNG rally and participate in
some fun civil disobedience!

People from across the state are converging on the Oregon Convention
Center this Thursday to call out NW natural during their annual
shareholder's meeting. NW Natural's proposed LNG (liquefied natural
gas) pipeline will cross hundreds of rivers and streams, result in
thousands of acres of clear cuts through public lands, push farmers and
land owners off of their property using imminent domain, and ravage the
natural beauty of our home. These pipelines would carry twice the
amount of natural gas that all of Oregon uses and connect to a pipeline
that goes directly to California. In addition NW Natural will be able
to hand the costs onto customers resulting in higher gas bills!

To add insult to injury they are claiming that LNG is the new "Green
Bridge Fuel" to a renewable future. This couldn't be farther from the
truth. In fact the entire process of extracting, transporting, and
processing Natural Gas nearly equals the carbon emissions of coal! We
don't need more fossil fuel infrastructure. What we need is real
solutions to climate change now!

Bikes both short and tall, come one come all!!
Show your pedal-powered support for REAL solutions to climate change!

homepage: homepage: http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org