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Summer Workshop Series at TLC Farm

TLC Farm, a community sustainability education center in SW Portland, is offering a diverse array of workshops this summer, as well as a Permaculture Design Certification and a three-week residential intensive internship. Read on for details, or visit www.tryonfarm.org for the summer education schedule.
Welcome to TLC Farm's Spring & Summer workshop schedule! We hope to see you here.

Please pre-register for all workshops. For workshop details and registration information - visit www.tryonfarm.org, email  workshops@tryonfarm.org or call 503-245-3847.

Primitive Skills Series with Caleb Schuster
May 23: Learn how to make cordage from available natural fibers. Practice using hand & bow drills, flint & steel.
May 30: Make your own hand drill fire kit, and practice fire making. Bring a pocket knife.
June 6: Introduction to flint knapping. Practice making arrowheads out of obsidian - bring safety goggles
Each class is from 10 am -2 pm, $15-30 sliding scale.

June 6: Needle Felting with Kelly Hogan
Learn a great new fiber art - create whimsical creatures from raw wool using a needle. Supplies included. 2:30-4:30, $15.

Permaculture Series with Toby Hemenway
June 7: Getting Started in Permaculture. You'll learn how nature can teach us how to design sustainable gardens, homes, and communities. Topics include permaculture principles, design methods, examples of permaculture sites, and how to use nature's patterns in sustainable design

July 19: Creating Perfect Soil through Permaculture
This workshop will show exactly what makes up a perfect garden soil for growing sturdy, healthy plants that lets gardeners avoid pest and disease problems, and discuss how to make great compost, and cover many other techniques for soil building.

August 2: Designing a Food Forest
This workshop will cover the basics of designing, planting, and maintaining a many-layered woodland garden of fruit and nut trees, perennial and annual vegetables, and flowers.
Each class runs from 10 am - 5 pm. $75 per class or $200 for the series.

June 13: Living with the Gifts of the Seasons with Judy BlueHorse Skelton
The first in a four part seasonal series drawing from the Medicine Wheel and indigenous gathering cycles and calendars, participants will develop a seasonal living plan that resonates with the rhythms of our region. Includes plant walks and identification for medicinal and food use, and much more. 9 am - 1pm, $50.

June 27: Fire Science and Rocket Stoves with Ernie and Erica Wisner
Learn how to build your own super-efficient rocket stove! We'll go over the fire science, and make rocket stoves with bricks, cob, wood, and metal. 10-4, $60-90 sliding scale.

August 8: Creating your own pantry with Lost Arts Kitchen,
Savor the abundance of summer and fall all year long! Learn various food preservation methods including canning, pickling, fermentation and freezing. 10-4, $40-60 sliding scale.

All workshops take place at TLC Farm - 11640 SW Boones Ferry Road, Portland, OR 97219.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tryonfarm.org