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Scientology Infiltrated Your Windows Computer

It's long been known that the "Diskeeper" company was a notorious Scientology company, but what hasn't been fully discovered is whether the Scientology ringleaders designed and wrote crime-ridden sode on contract to Microsoft.

Gawker has been covering details of the notorious Scientology company "Diskeeper" and recently some very embarrassing evidence has been submitted in the civil (and possibly criminal) cases against the Scientology company.

Microsoft allowed the company to sell their disk defragmenter with Microsoft Windows allegedly without checking first to determine whether the company had ties to the Scientology crime syndicate. Now anywhere from a half billion to a billion computers have suspect Scientology software on them which only Microsoft's written instructions on how to remove the suspect code.

What's also disturbing is the notorious Scientology crime syndicate's deplorable human rights and civil rights abuses and the seeming ease with which a Scientology company managed to gain a foothold in the majority of the world's computers.

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