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FBI Arrests Four Dupes in Marketing Extravaganza

Cheney rescued by FBI street theater.
The FBI today revealed its latest marketing campaign with the arrest of four easily manipulated dupes recruited at a New York mosque.? Special Marketing Expert, Robert Fuller of the FBI, expertly concluded a year long project to induce a collection of disaffected mentally disadvantaged anti-Semites into an attempted act of terrorism.? Keeping with FBI post 9/11 marketing policies, all weapons and explosives used in the feigned attack were harmless duds, in contrast to their marketing event of September 11, 2001, when two men Robert Fuller conveniently avoided detaining, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, went on to fly actual airplanes into real buildings.

Assisting marketing genius Fuller in creating the would-be terror cell, a confidential informant (CI), under the FBI thumb for a previous criminal career in fraud (i.e. lying and deception), manipulated the unfortunate group of mental midgets into a long list of federal crimes by driving the defendants across state lines into Connecticut for the purpose of obtaining an inoperable surface to air missile and? inert c4 explosives, thereby making their crimes interstate in nature.

The complaint enumerates several exchanges between the would-be terrorists where actionable planning takes place.? The CI is present at each and every one of these exchanges.? Indeed, the CIA provides all of the materials used in the fake terror attacks.? He even participates in obtaining cell phones and other materials needed for the operation.? Reading the complaint, it appears that the entire operation would never have occurred if not for the FBI's CI with a criminal background in fraud.

Peppered throughout the complaint are repeated and emphasized links between Islam and terrorism as well as links between Jews and victimhood.? Downplayed is the fact that fact that the would-be terrorists clearly intended Americans, including American military personnel, as targets of their fantasized attack.? Naturally, these are the themes we expect to see in an FBI terror marketing extravaganza.? Moreover, this marking push coincides with the recent escalating attempts of war criminal Dick Cheney to rewrite the history of terror in the United States.? While Mr. Cheney may no longer be in office, he appears to have the continuing marketing support of the FBI.

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Today's Marketing Climax
As of present, we are yet to hear of the FBI sending terror recruiters to synagogues with the goal of recruiting would-be anti-Muslim terrorist nor evangelical churches with the aim of stirring up abortion clinic bombings.? At this point in time, the winning marketing theme is Islamic terrorism ? 24/7.

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