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Let's Really Attack our Economic Problems

Let's show the trickle down theory the door. If a goodly majority ever faces economic reality, we could fashion a better world. It is however the wealthy that will have to sacrifice.
The present state of affairs stems from the system. This status quo -if you will-will not change for the egalitarian good appreciably until we rid ourselves of the utter insanity of free market capitalism. Feeding money to fat cats creating more debt for the present and future generations will not solve our economic problems.And, what's more, the measure of an economy is the extent to which it provides the general populous with food, clothing, shelter, quality of life, medical care and such; not the extent to which it creates profit for the wealthiest 1-2 %, which is what the corporate controlled Zionist controlled media feeds us with its constant drumbeat of lies. . And, what's more the biggest economic problem is not the credit crisis, but rather the fact that every year $ 1 million migrates from the poorest 96,000,000 households to the wealthiest 13,000 households in the US. We need build all societies around probability (communism) rather than mere possibility (free market capitalism). Here are some things we could do.

1. Let the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker leverage their money the way the banks do now. How about I from my $200 bank balance make loans to my friends, relatives, neighbors, and what not totaling -say- $3000. Then let those people take that $3000 and issue loans totaling: Oh perhaps $45,000.Let that $45,000 grow to $675,000 .This is the principle source of that "growth" that you capitalist apologists are always talking about .It's called fractional reserve lending. Para mutual casino-like derivatives and other financial smoke and mirrors add to the insanity .That's why the rich and powerful see no need to add value to anything or produce anything .Job one in changing the system is to eliminate making money from money or -as I said- let the proletariat take part in this false growth. Idiot Greenspan -needless to say- would define "growth" amid the exploited working class as undesirable inflation. And, it's fairly safe to say, so would Obama. It's no exaggeration to say that all banks have loaned scores of other banks -3 months duration- , interest only loans and have likewise borrowed from scores of other banks-3 months, interest only. Can we visualize a swarm of loans surrounding all banks likened to a swarm of flies surrounding some rotten food? Maybe cow dung is more apropos. That's what we have. Growth under this capitalism system comes from the interest, late fees, and leveraging.

2. Replace the obscene office of the U.S. President with his cabinet of Secretaries with a more parliamentary style cabinet of ministers with one prime minister acting as a far more volatile and replaceable head of state. Get rid of monarchical executive orders and signing statements. No one with wealth more than $60,000 beyond the equity in their house(s) qualifies for a ministerial position. That's right, discrimination against the rich replacing what we have now; that being discrimination against the poor and middle class. I'd add that that represents discrimination against a lot fewer people. Public financing of elections are in order by all means. TV ads banned .Public money disbursed equally amongst all serious candidates. Paper ballets only counted at the precinct level prior to any central tabulating.

3. The world needs some sort of central oversight over various currencies coupled with a big time return of tariffs .There needs to be figured out some way to fashion a system of systems such that when it comes to international trade the entire gross national product of the U.S. for instance would be worth a paltry 50-lire in Spain; in turn the entire gross national product of Spain would be worth 1 KOPEK in Russia; the entire gross national product of Russia worth the fen banknote of China or the 5c coin in Australia and so on and so forth .Apply the appropriate tariffs on top of this and a pair of shoes costing what is the equivalent of $5 these days would by law have to sell for a totally prohibitive $30,000,000,000,000 in the U.S. I think it is safe to say that companies' moving off shore in order to take advantage of lower wages comes to a screeching halt. Also such a system of systems would buffer against international impact from inflation within nation states, currency revaluation to correct for inflation within nation states will not have impact internationally. Matters such as foreign travel will need to be worked out, and in my mind this is a formulation in progress.
4. U.S. Senators are to be elected to 2 year terms, but with no implied term limits. No one with wealth more than $60,000 beyond the equity in their house(s) qualifies for the senate. Public financing, hand counted paper ballots, just as the cabinet of ministers.

5. U.S representatives are elected for 1-3 month terms and are chosen randomly from a pool of volunteers much like we pick our jurors .These selections would be stair-stepped so that only 1/3 of the house would be replaced at any given time. The 2/3 that isn't replaced will have the say-so as to who under this potentially risky system is not U.S. Representative material. We need to make sure that nut cases like Ayn Rand, Henry Kissinger or for that matter Charles Manson aren't admitted.

6. The concept of bad credit needs to be done away with. Stop refusing loans and economic activity is stimulated. The Banking and Wall Street looters get credit default swaps. The working man or woman gets their loan requests rejected. Make available the same type of put option credit default swaps for the subjugated masses the big banks give themselves Wall Street and big business.

7. Most important of all, forgive all debt for the working man and woman. You're talking about stimulating the economy. This would carry us further than anything one could envision. It's talked about in the Bible. It's called the year of Jubilee 1 .This occurred every 50 years .Everybody's house -paid off. Medical debts-gone. Student loans-history. Credit card debts - long-gone. All those payment plus interest plus penalties that in our present systems transfers wealth from the many to the few could cease.

8. Any corporation whether bank or not that is too big to fail is too big to be in private hands. Nationalize City Group, Morgan Chase, A.I.G., Goldman Sachs, Fannie & Freddie et al.

In conclusion: Want to send the world's economic woes packing .Rid the world of the economic curse we call free market capitalism. Let every man women and child on the face of the earth have access to and share the same bank account-meaning every man woman and child on the face of the earth essentially has all the money in the world. Link: London Indymedia. (Debbs' speech):  https://www1.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/london/2005/07/319060.html


In further conclusion: It should go without saying that #3 will require immense international cooperation .Ask yourself this question. Why don't Nebraska and Kansas ever go to war against each other because of a border dispute or whatnot? The ever so obvious reason is that it is because the sovereignty goes beyond the level of interaction or shall we term it the sphere of influence. The dispute would be settled at the federal level. What am I getting at here? Just this .We need one world government. Mind you, just as it is with Nebraska and Kansas, the feds don't control everything a state does internally. One world government doesn't mean total control over nation states as to their internal affairs. It should mean sensible control over international matters vested by the nation states.

Albert Einstein was for one world government. And, he certainly was not a man reputationed with lack of intellect.

In final conclusion: Problems in general for humankind will not be solved until sovereignty rises above the aforementioned sphere of influence .The Bilderberger group the Warburgs, the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers ,shadowy Masonic influences, the Council on Foreign relations , Bohemian Grove realm of evil is world wide. The proletarian masses need rise up and defeat this racist, white supremist, radical Zionist evil and overthrow the satanic curse that is free market capitalism.

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