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does anyone have any current information that starbucks coffee co usa has been involved assisting homeland security with their security cameras in coffee shops worldwide ??
have we all been duped once more and have had our privacy infringed without knowing it everytime we enter a starbucks coffee shop worldwide ??

have starbuks coffee international like our phone companies been assiting in spying on average americans coming and going from their coffee shops worldwide with recorded video or pictures from their recorded video cameras ??

if you or anyone you know are secretly aware of this situation being a current or past reality, we ask you to please blow the whistle and make this not able to continue any longer !

Portland Rumor Mongering Is Pathetic - Stumptowners Fuel The Fear 15.May.2009 23:14

Duck Fan

This report is baseless and so lame it is embarASSing it originated in the Rose City. America expects more from the armpit of hippydom than paranoid rumors and tax free shopping.