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Lynn Stewart, Rosa Clemente: TAKE BACK WBAI

Save New York's WBAI 99.5FM from the business/corporate takeover!
Cynthia McKinney's Vice-Presidential running mate Rosa Clemente and noted human rights attorney Lynn Stewart spoke to a packed audience last night in a rally to "TAKE BACK WBAI."

District 1707's meeting hall is a familiar meeting place to WBAI'ers who fought against the last attempted coup in 2000, when corporate Dems tried to take over the station.

This time the coupsters are a motley bunch of petty bourgeois businesspeople and self-proclaimed "leftists" and "anarchists" and "feminists".

Lynn Stewart told the audience to prepare for a protracted struggle. The diverse crowd was obviously up for it, and after speeches broke into several working groups. Hardly anyone left the hall as the meeting progressed and, just like in 2000, the feeling of warmth and comradery was strong.

Rosa Clemente said she was glad to be back in NY and, although she's had her criticisms of WBAI and Pacifica, is committed to this fight to take back the station and bring with her the hip hop generation. The crowd agreed enthusiastically.

"City Watch" producer Bill Difazio, apparently not intimidated by Mitch Cohen's assault on him at the Left Forum, showed up with several other activist intellectuals, including Stanley Aronowitz.

Bernard White got a standing ovation and addressed the crowd with his trademark humor. He was followed by veteran producer Ayo Harrington, who found out via public email that she had been physically banned from the station and the air.

Apparently the ACE faction, which has been trashing Harrington and fellow On The Count producers for years, realizes how powerful a person Harrington is and got Pacifica to ban her - without trial or hearinng, of course.

Stay tuned as New York's grassroots activist left starts to organize to TAKE BACK WBAI. A new website will be up soon.

Check out www.wbixradio.org -- Select "On Demand" to watch previous broadcasts.

down with anarchists and leftists and feminists 14.May.2009 02:21

oh wait

This article utterly fails to inform the reader what the actual dispute is about.

An impulsive reader might be convinced to take sides anyway, if he or she habitually opposed "petty bourgeois businesspeople," and "leftists," and "anarchists," and "feminists."

Anybody else might want to withhold judgment.

This article says there was an event and some enumerated people were at it. If you don't already know who they are and why they went to an event, you will not learn these things from this article.