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There comes a day when Corporate STARBUCKS at times goes a little too far ! Today 5/12/09 my limit was pushed to the max with their Corporate denial of improper employee behavior in one of their Venice Bch - Culver City CA Corporate Stores ! Just what America needs, a new BLOG only about the negative aspects of STAR BUCKS mistreatment of their INTERNATIONAL & NATIONAL customers !
Very interested in hearing from others Worlwide (via E MAIL only please) about their own personal mishaps on any of their least favorite STARBUCKS visits.

This Blog will only be re- publishing the negative comments about this Corporate Giant ! STARBUCKS Corporation must have a very large group of angry former customers and employees that have never been accounted for and this blog will now be offering you a voice and outlet for expressing those STARBUCKS negative events to a WWW readership. This offer goes to anyone World Wide interested in having their negative STARBUCKS Coffee Shop stories republished here on this new Blog called STARBUCKS ALLOWS MISTREATMENT OF HOW MANY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES ?