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Report-back from Foreclosure Prevention Action at Multnomah County Courthouse

A group of foreclosure-prevention activists disrupted the auction of foreclosed homes at the Multnomah County Courthouse yesterday morning. The attendees vowed to return until mandatory foreclosure mediation is accepted by the banks and their political sycophants.
A motley crew of 35-40 pissed-off Portlanders disrupted the auction of foreclosed homes by bank-fraudsters yesterday morning at the Multnomah County Courthouse before being removed by Sheriff's deputies from the lobby of the courthouse, some violently. Attendees shouted slogans and made "bids" on properties (e.g., "I bid that you keep people in their homes").

The law-unenforcers outrageously claimed that the courthouse lobby and steps were not "public space", and that they therefore were entitled to grab and shove members of the group away from the building. One deputy said, "I'm the judge" of what's public space.

The banking industry has been obstructing attempts by activists to require pre-foreclosure mediation between themselves and homeowners (See:  http://willamettereds.blogspot.com/2009/03/sb-628-and-sb-328-slow-foreclosures-and.html) because such mediation has been shown to keep people in their homes rather than out on the streets, where "unnecessary" people should apparently be.

The action was attended by members of Jobs With Justice, ACORN, citizens whose homes have been foreclosed, members of anarchist housing collectives, and unaffiliated supporters. Differing ages, races, genders and political associations were a hallmark of the day.

Every Monday morning, foreclosed homes are being auctioned at the courthouse (1021 SW 4th Ave.). Members of the group vowed to return next Monday to attempt to again disrupt this blatant anti-democratic activity.

Join us. And contact ACORN (503-764-9780, 5112 SE Powell, www.acorn.org).

Your neighbors need you, and you may need them to protect your own home. Come to meetings with your own ideas for direct actions, or JUST DO IT.

Redux 18.May.2009 16:23


So the foreclosure auction was repeated today as it is every Monday morning at the Multnomah County Courthouse. There were 6 or so buyers there, one auctioneer, 6 sherriff's deputies and 4 who were there, like me, to witness / oppose the process. It was weird. None of the ACORN people were there, nor anyone who's house was in default or foreclosure. Only one house was sold, for $108K and for only $3 above the opening bid! Most houses in default that were scheduled to be auctioned had the date of auction postponed.